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The importance of civil engineering project works have grown tremendously over the last few years, thanks to the growing requirement of residential and commercial infrastructure. It should be noted that the main focus of civil engineering is to develop a sustainable society where businesses can flourish.

Civil engineers societies in today’s world are keen to develop sustainable buildings, and therefore sustainable construction research topics are actively undertaken by civil engineering students. You can choose any of the civil engineering dissertation topics given below for your own engineering dissertation. If you need any sort of help with choosing your dissertation topic, please contact us to get a free quote from our writers.

Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics for 2018

Reliability of Foundation Performance and Implications for Structural Design

Purpose:  The main purpose of the research will be to use reliability based approach of performance by using two complementary approaches; macroscopic and action-oriented approach and microscopic and analysis-oriented approach to evaluate major risks and strategies that can be used to implement in complicated structural systems and designs.

Behavior of Steelwork Connection at Large Deflection in Fire

Purpose: This research study will explore the major behaviours of Steel works which can be considered while studying and implementing large deflection in fire. In this study, the researcher will use a unified computing model to stimulate the behaviours of steel works and it impacts on deflection in fire.  Moreover, several other factors will also be identified in the study such as limiting temperature criteria, loading and unloading effects and explosion load ratios

User-friendly Model of Degrading Groundwater Pollution Plume

Purpose: Groundwater pollution plumes are consisted of degradable compounds and materials which results in declining the overall natural processes and their effectiveness to marine life.  There have been studies which aim to explore the slow degradation processes of pollution plume in groundwater. However, this is aimed to explore different factors which cause Groundwater pollution plumes and contributes in its slow degradation process. Then this study will propose a user-friendly model in order to degrade the groundwater pollution plume.

Examination of Advanced Solution Strategies for Non-linear FE Analysis\

Purpose: This research is aimed to explore the role of advanced solution strategies that help the engineers and builders to carry our Non-linear FE analysis. In this study, the researcher will demonstrate the static and dynamic problems related to non-linear effects of solid structures and systems.

Strength, stiffness, non-linearity and volumetric response of concrete under triaxial compression

Purpose:  In this study, the researcher will demonstrate the concrete behaviours under the situation of triaxial compression. The researcher aims to understand the stiffness, volumetric and compressive behaviour of concrete which may cause the deformation in concrete when pressure is applied.

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Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Research to Set up Remote Sensing Applications to Assist in the Development of Sustainable Enterprise
  • Research to Study and Develop Water Treatment Processes
  • Research to Study Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
  • Research to Study Sustainable Engineering: New Objectives for Construction Projects
  • Research Regarding Micromechanics of Granular Materials.
  • Research to Transform a Manufacturing Plant to a Sustainable Enterprise.
  • Research to Study the Relationship Between Sustainability and Learning Organisation.
  • Research to Study the Impact of Sustainability Concepts on Organisational Growth and Development.
  • Research to Ensure Sustainable Heat Conservation Generated from Compressors within a Manufacturing Site.
  • Research to Study and Develop Waste Reduction Strategy to Achieve Sustainable Concepts
  • Research to Study Properties of Concrete to Achieve Sustainability.
  • Research to Study the Relationship between Lean Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing.
  • Research to Study Sustainability and its Impact on Learning Organisation.
  • Development of Sustainable Homes with the Help of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Seismic Design of Cold Formed Steel Structures in Residential Applications
  • Living Tree Buildings

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  • Application of Ultra High Strength Concrete in LNG Terminals
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Bridge Bearings of Concrete Bridges
  • Winter Damage of Porous Asphalt
  • Human Induced Lateral Vibration of Bridges
  • The Optimization of Tripod Substructure and its Application to Two Different Topsides
  • Traffic Induced Bearing Loads and Movements of a Steel Plate-girder Bridge
  • Snap through of Large Shield Driven Tunnels
  • A Timber Bearing Structure for ‘Concept House
  • The Sustainable Refurbishment of BK City
  • The Elevated Metro Structure in Concrete, UHPC and Composite
  • Covering A28 Highway at Amersfoort
  • Numerical Modelling of Turbidity Currents in Submarine Channels
  • Post-trenching with a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge
  • Morphological Impact of Coastal Structures
  • Modelling Nearshore Currents Driven by Waves and Set-up Gradients
  • Gaining New Insights Regarding Traffic Congestion, by Explicitly Considering the Variability in Traffic
  • Dynamic Behaviour of Tunnel Elements 38 During the Immersion process
  • Long-term Morphological M0delling of the Mouth of the Columbia River
  • “Feasibility Study of a Climate Dike”
  • Conditioning of Aggressive Water
  • Swale Filter Drain System: The Inflow – Discharge Relation.
  • Low Cost Disdrometer
  • Observing Tidal Slack in the Scheldt Estuary
  • Clogging of Permeable Pavements 53 in Semi-arid Areas
  • Analyzing the Effects of Large-scale Green Roof Implementation in Singapore
  • Accelerating the Introduction of Electric Bicycles
  • A Critical Reappraisal of Some Problems in Engineering Seismology
  • Systems and Sustainability: Sustainable development, Civil engineering and the Formation of the Civil Engineer
  • Sustainable Engineering: The Future of Structural Design
  • Environmentally Sustainable Construction Products and Materials – Assessment of release

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