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Teaching Dissertation Topics Based on Latest Teaching Practices

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On August 11, 2023

Many people consider teaching to be their calling or passion. A teacher’s role in society is crucial, whether they teach preschool children, primary school children, secondary school children, or university students.

Before starting teaching, you will typically have to complete your dissertation on a suitable research topic. Here are some potential teaching dissertation topics to help you land your dream teaching job and make a valuable contribution to the field.

List Of Teaching Dissertation Topics

  1. Are teachers with Montessori training more prepared to work with preschoolers than those with traditional preschool or nursery-related training?
  2. Are educators less committed today than they were two or three decades ago?
  3. Is it still believed that teaching is merely a job, not a profession, vocation, or calling for people today?
  4. Providing scientific and methodological support for teachers’ professional and personal development in educational institutions
  5. The ability of educators to participate in novel activities as a means of counteracting professional conservatism
  6. Are educators adequately prepared to educate children today in the face of advancing problems and dangers like drug use and armed insurgency?
  7. To help troubled students change their life, how can teachers better coordinate with the police, social agencies, and their parents?
  8. Examine the behaviour management methods used in teacher training programs
  9. Has the field of teaching become riskier during the past 20 years? And are educators more likely to experience violence at the hands of their charges?
  10. As secondary school classrooms become increasingly disorderly and gang involvement among inner-city youngsters rises, should teachers receive basic self-defence training?
  11. Would preparing former soldiers to teach in “difficult” inner-city school settings assist in improving behaviour and academic performance?
  12. Educating future educators on how to use statistical methods in their work
  13. A pedagogical model for flexible quality assurance of learning activities for students
  14. What do so-called “Mickey Mouse” degrees like media studies serve?
  15. Would more people become teachers if there were more support services, outstanding training, or a higher pay scale for teachers?
  16. How has the role of the principal or head teacher evolved into that of an administrator or manager?
  17. Are teachers currently having a significant impact on the character development of kids under their care?
  18. An examination of the primary motivations for becoming teachers
  19. What major socioeconomic shifts will follow the epidemic, and what will be the biggest obstacles for teacher preparation in the ensuing decade?
  20. Discuss the advantages of purely on-the-job teacher training compared to college teacher education programs
  21. How has technology altered the way teachers are trained?
  22. What are the distinctions between experienced and inexperienced teaching approaches?
  23. What difficulties do new instructors encounter throughout their first three years in the field?
  24. A study of teachers ‘ dropout’ rate after their first three years in the industry.
  25. What do educators think about rigorous methods of behaviour control?
  26. What approach to behaviour control do instructors believe is most successful for kids between the ages of 5 and 7?
  27. How do educators modify behaviour control techniques for children with developmental delays?
  28. What guidelines do teachers think are the most useful for online learning?
  29. What are the motivating elements for teachers to be promoted into leadership positions in schools?
  30. What purpose does reflection serve in teachers’ professional lives, and what are the most often used reflective practice techniques?

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We hope this list helps you get started with your teaching dissertation. If you couldn’t find an appropriate topic here, you can also search for education dissertation topics in our free topics database.

Choose a topic that you can find the most literature on but make sure it does not lack focus and clarity. Conduct primary research related to your topic if you are solving a new problem that wasn’t addressed by fellow researchers.

If you face trouble, you can always get online dissertation help. Once you are done with selecting a title, start working on the proposal. To ensure a perfect proposal, get help from professional dissertation proposal writing services.

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    To find teaching dissertation topics:

    1. Assess your teaching interests.
    2. Explore educational challenges.
    3. Review curriculum trends.
    4. Consider technology’s role.
    5. Examine student engagement.
    6. Select a topic aligning with your passion and educational needs.

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