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US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topics and Examples

Published by at January 6th, 2023 , Revised On January 6, 2023

US foreign policy has evolved significantly since the country’s inception. Since 1776, the US government has employed various strategies to protect and advance its interests abroad, foster relationships with other nations, and promote peace around the world. Over time, these policies have been shaped by geopolitics, international law, and public opinion.

At its core, there are four main principles:

  • diplomatic engagement with other countries
  • fostering economic prosperity through trade agreements and investments
  • protecting national security by leveraging military prowess
  • promoting universal values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law

Through these principles, the United States has strived to maintain global stability while promoting its own interests in a complex international environment.

As new challenges like terrorism or climate change arise, US foreign policy must continue to adapt to best serve the nation’s needs.

The topic of US foreign policy is an area of research that has grown in importance and relevance over the past few decades.

As countries become increasingly interconnected, the decisions made by US leaders have a direct impact on how other nations, both near and far, respond to events around the world.

For students looking for dissertation topics, researching US foreign policy offers a wealth of information to explore.

The study of US foreign policy provides students with an overview of the current state of international affairs.

Researching this topic can offer insight into complex political issues such as trade agreements between nations, geopolitical tensions between different regions and security concerns that arise from terrorist threats or military actions abroad.

Additionally, studies on US foreign policy allow students to look at how the country interacts with its allies and adversaries, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of how diplomacy works globally.

US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topics: How to Choose?

Writing a dissertation on US foreign policy is exciting, yet it can also be challenging. With so much to choose from in foreign policy, deciding which topic to focus on can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips for choosing a dissertation topic related to US foreign policy to make the decision easier.

  • Consider what interests you most about the field of US foreign policy.
  • Think about what particular aspects of this subject are most captivating or intriguing to you, and make a list of potential topics.
  • Once you have narrowed your list, research each topic thoroughly to determine its relevance in today’s political landscape.
  • Consider what resources are available; factor in primary sources such as government documents or personal interviews with people involved in the issue; and secondary sources such as scholarly articles or other published works dealing with the subject matter.
  • Consider whether there is enough evidence to support a strong argument and any recent developments related to each candidate’s topic.
  • Review other scholarly works on related topics and include their findings in your analysis when appropriate.

List of US Foreign Policy Topics for Dissertation

  1. Public opinion and American foreign policy
  2. The diplomacy of ideas: US foreign policy and cultural relations, 1938-1950
  3. Public opinion and public policy, 1980-1993
  4.  Terrorism and US foreign policy
  5. Foreign policy topic of a talk by church
  6. The hypocrisy trap: US Foreign aid in the middle east
  7. America’s Empire in the Philippines. Headlines series 288.
  8. Understanding the unilateralist turn in US foreign policy
  9. The politics of scrutiny in human rights monitoring: evidence from structural topic models of US State Department human rights reports
  10. Projections of power: Framing news, public opinion, and US foreign policy
  11. Writing security: United States foreign policy and the politics of identity.
  12. Defending the national interest: Raw materials investments and US foreign policy
  13.  Ideology and US foreign policy
  14. America unbound: The bush revolution in foreign policy.
  15. Who influences US foreign policy?
  16. The Wilsonian century: US foreign policy since 1900
  17. The media’s role in US foreign policy
  18. The age of imperialism: The economics of US foreign policy
  19. Why Americans must lead again: Recusing US foreign policy after Trump
  20. The diplomacy of ideas: US foreign policy and cultural relations, 1938-1950
  21. World power trends and US foreign policy for the 1980s
  22. Agendas, alternatives, and public policy: Lessons from the US foreign policy arena
  23. Testing models of US foreign policy: Foreign aid during and after the Cold War
  24. Ethnic groups and US foreign policy
  25. Why is health important to US foreign policy?

The Importance of Selecting the Right US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topic

Choosing the right topic for a US foreign policy dissertation can offer multiple benefits.

  • Firstly, it will help ensure that students can adequately explore the research subject matter effectively and comprehensively. The more focused and specific the thesis topic is, the easier it will be to uncover trends and patterns in data.
  • Secondly, selecting a relevant topic also helps to maintain the reader’s interest throughout the research paper or dissertation. By choosing an exciting and engaging subject to explore in-depth, readers will stay engaged with an argument over extended periods.
  • Finally, focusing on one single aspect of a more significant issue, such as US foreign policy, allows you to gain a greater understanding of its complexities, leading to further areas of exploration or potential future studies.

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FAQs About US Foreign Policy Dissertation Ideas

The first step in selecting a US foreign policy dissertation topic is to gain an understanding of the various elements that make up the subject. Consider all of the different aspects of foreign relations, such as economic and security concerns, diplomacy, international organisations and treaties.

Once you have gained an understanding of this information, you can begin exploring potential topics more deeply. Look for areas where there has been significant change over time or potential for further development in current topics that could lead to new insights into US foreign policy.

All topics are unique. However, it is available to the public to use for free so other students might use them. For a completely unique topic according to your requirements, contact us.

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