How to use Social Networks for your Dissertation

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October 23, 2017
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November 1, 2017

How to use Social Networks for your Dissertation


Social media has taken over our lives. We spend hours on social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social networking website. These platforms are usually used for fun, recreational and other personal purposes. However, they can be used for academic purposes as well. Social media and academic performance are positively related as a lot of students now utilize social networking websites for their projects. As individuals, when we spend time on these websites, we not only learn about our friends, families, peers or colleagues, but we also get gather a lot of information and data. We learn about the new trends related to different industries, various aspects that have an impact globally and much more.

Thus, social networks can be used for dissertations as well. However, a question arises ‘How to use Social Networks for your Dissertation’. Well, they offer a lot of information and a huge amount of data can be collected from social networking websites. They can be used as a research strategy and can aid in collecting data for dissertations. Depending on the type of research design that you’ve used in your study, you can use various social networking websites.

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Here are a few ways through which you can utilize social networks for gathering data and conducting your research:

Create/Join Relevant Groups and Pages

The effects of social networking websites are huge. They provide a great opportunity to create groups and pages that are relevant to your research. Based on your research topic, you can create a group. For instance, if your research is related to human resources, you can create a group that talks about the different aspect of human resources. This will help you gain insight on the topic and will assist you in gathering related data.

Social Media and Disseration

Also, when you create a group or a page, you invite other people to be a part of it, thus discussions are initiated through which you can gather data and information. A lot of people are experts in their relevant field, thus including them in the group will help you in understanding the topic in great detail.

If you do not wish to create a group or a page, you can easily join one that relates to your research topic. The result will be the same i.e. detailed knowledge of your research topic.



Create an Online Survey

Actual research can also be carried out through social media. This is another way how to use social networks for your dissertation. If you’ve chosen primary research for your dissertation, and are looking to conduct surveys or get questionnaires filled randomly, creating an online survey and posting its link on social media is the best option. Not only is it time efficient, but cost efficient, as well. Survey Monkey is a popular platform through which you can create your survey, and post the link on your social media account. Ask your friends and family to fill the survey. If your survey/questionnaire needs to be filled only by a certain age group or a specific gender, mention the same when posting the link of your survey. The best part? You can get a lot of surveys/questionnaires filled sitting at home, within no time.

There are a number of other websites and online survey platforms similar to Survey Monkey. Find out about them, create and post your surveys online and save time!

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Meet and Interact with Professionals

Social network platforms such as LinkedIn can helps you answer ‘how to use social media for your dissertation project’ as it helps in connecting with professionals. If your research requires to meet and interact with professionals of a certain industry or a specific industry, you can do so by utilizing this social media platform. Not only does working on your dissertation on social networking sites help you save time, but also saves you from the hassle of communicating with company officials, scheduling a meeting with them and interacting with them in person.

Apart from LinkedIn, you can also get in touch with professionals through Facebook, Twitter etc. The impact of social media websites on society is such that you can send a personal message to the person directly who you want to interview or speak to and communicate with them. All you have to do is to inform as to why you’re contacting him/her so that they’re aware of the situation. You can also send a message to the company’s official account or page, and their social media team will get in touch with you. But, remember! You have to have a strong reason as to why you want to interact with the manager or any other official of the company.

Collect Data with a Status Update

Using social media for dissertationYour research requires random sampling? Or you need a few statistics based on general public’s responses to include in your dissertation? Collect your required data only with a simple status update! The effect of social media on students has been great as it helps them to collect and gather data easily. With the help of social media accounts, students can post questions and gather responses. For instance, if they’re researching regarding gender roles in the human resource department or looking at the ratio of male-female in human resources, they can simply post a question on their social media account ‘how many of you work in HR?’ Responses to this question will help them gather accurate data for their research.

Collecting data with a status update is easy and time saving; however, students should be able to differentiate between actual and fake responses. Not being able to do so will make their research results unauthentic and unreliable.


Seek and Receive Help Instantly

Phone calls, text messages and face to face meetings take up a lot of time. As opposed to these methods, social media helps you interact with others in a jiffy. The impact of social media on students has been positive, which means they are ready to help their peers in need. Thus, when they’re stuck with something related to their dissertation, they can seek help from others. As students you can reach out to your friends and peers through any social networking website and discuss your queries related to any aspect of the dissertation. As soon as you reach out to them, you can receive a solution to your issue and you’re all set!

You can also get in touch with us for your dissertation if you’re still unsure how to use social networks for your dissertation. Research Prospect’s dissertation writing services will help you get over all your research related worries. Our highly qualified team of writers choose the right research strategy for your dissertation, and deliver nothing short of best!

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