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How to Use Social Media Networks for Dissertation Research

Published by at January 27th, 2023 , Revised On October 10, 2023

Social media has taken over our lives. We spend hours on social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookInstagramSnapchat, and other social networking websites on a daily basis.

Even though these platforms are usually used for fun, recreation, and exchange of information, they can be used for academic purposes as well.

Social media and academic performance can be positively linked to each other if students can learn to use social networking websites for dissertation research and academic assignments.

When we spend time on various social media websites, we not only learn about our friends, families, peers or colleagues, but we are also able to gather a lot of information about different topics.

For example, pages on Facebook will alert you to a new message about the news of technological advances in your subject of interest so you are always up to date with the latest issues and information.

If you are a social media addict and working on a dissertation project at the same time then it would be wise to learn how to use Social Networks for your Dissertation.

If your dissertation is to based on quantitative and qualitative data, using social media websites to access participants and gather data from them can be made a part of the chosen research design.

Here are a few ways through which you can make use of online social networks for gathering data and conducting your research:

Create/Join Relevant Groups and Pages

Social media websites provide a great opportunity to join groups and pages that are relevant to your field of research. For instance, if your research is related to human resources, you can join a Facebook group that shares information about the latest trends and news related to your academic subject.

Many of the members of that particular group could be students and/professionals in the field of human resources and so you will be able to collect data for your research from them as part of your research.

Relevant Groups and PagesSimilarly, when you create a group or a page, you are able to invite other people including your friends and peers to be a part of it, thus discussions are initiated through which you can gather data and information.

Many of your contacts and friends might also be interested in exchange for information in your area of research. Approaching them through a social media group will help you approach them and collect data for your own dissertation.

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Create an Online Survey

If you’ve chosen primary research for your dissertation, and are looking to collect primary data from a large sample size, creating an online survey and posting its link on social media can help you collect large sets of data for your dissertation in a short period time.

Survey Monkey is a popular platform through which you can create your survey, and post the link on your social media wall. Ask your friends and peers to fill the survey.

If your dissertation survey/questionnaire needs to be filled only by a certain age group or a specific gender, mention the same when posting the link of your survey. The best part? You can get a lot of surveys/questionnaires filled sitting at home, within no time.

There are a number of other websites and online survey platforms similar to Survey Monkey. Find out about them, create and post your surveys online and save time!

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Meet and Interact with Professionals

Social networking platforms such as LinkedIn can help you connect with professionals and so it is an excellent way of using social media networks for dissertation research.

If your research requires you to meet and interact with professionals from a specific industry, you can do so by networking on this amazing social media platform.

Collecting data for your dissertation on social networking sites such as Linkedin helps you; save your valuable time and set up meetings with industry professionals without having to dedicate financial resources to schedule and attend the meeting in person.

Apart from LinkedIn, you can also get in touch with professionals through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The impact of social media websites on society is increasing with each passing day so much so that you can send a private message to the person you wish to interview or collect information from for free or a small fee.

All you have to do is let them know why you’re contacting them so that they’re aware of the situation. You can also send a message to the company’s official account or page, and their social media team will get in touch with you.

But, remember! You must be able to explain why connecting with the company or brand representative will aid you in your quest for data collection and analysis.

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Collect Data with a Status Update

Collect Data with a Status UpdateDoes your research require random sampling? Or you need a few statistics based on the general public’s responses to include in your dissertation? Collect your required data only with a simple status update!

The effect of social media on students is usually seen as negative but you can also use social media websites for dissertation research and for data collection for your dissertation paper. Students can post questions and gather responses using their social media accounts.

For example, if you are researching gender roles in the human resource department or looking at the ratio of male-female, you can simply post a question on your social media account on Facebook, Instagram, and others ‘how many of you work in HR?’

Responses to this question will provide an insight into the real picture of the actual scenario. Collecting data for a dissertation with a social media status update is easy and time-saving; however, students should be able to differentiate between actual and fake responses. Not being able to do so will make their research results slightly unauthentic.

Seek and Receive Help Instantly

Phone calls, text messages and face to face meetings are time-consuming and difficult to arrange in today’s fast-paced world. In contrast to these conventional methods, social media allows you to interact with others in a jiffy.

So whenever you find yourself stuck with something related to your dissertation, you can seek instant help from your contacts on social media platforms.

Reach out to your friends and peers through any social networking website and discuss your queries related to any aspect of the dissertation. It is highly likely that you will find an answer to your question in the shortest possible time.

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Social media platforms facilitate dissertation research through access to diverse academic resources, networking with experts, and gathering real-time data for a well-rounded study.

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