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Event Management Dissertation Topics for a Good Paper

Published by at September 2nd, 2022 , Revised On November 18, 2022

Even though event management seems easy, it is actually quite complex once you study it. If you study event management with an instructor who is committed to teaching you with integrity, it can be manageable. It can be challenging, however, to come up with intriguing Event Management dissertation topics. But don’t worry! Whether you need assistance choosing a topic or want to know more about them, we are here to help. Despite the fact that we are providing a specific topic, you are not required to limit yourself to it. To create your own unique topic, you can alter these subjects according to your preferences and rules.

Below you will find a selection of intriguing dissertation topics for event management that will be sure to capture any reader’s attention.

  • An in-depth examination of the Olympic Games 2018, its event management methods, and how they affected the number of visitors compared to the Olympics in 2014.
  • An argumentative study on how to learn event management in the UK.
  • A thorough analysis of the management techniques for the 2020 Grammy Awards that focuses on the steps that must be taken for future Grammy events.
  • Discuss the function of brand agreements and sponsors in a larger-scale technology event in the UK and evaluate the success rate.
  • What are the most frequent problems in organising and running marathons in the UK as opposed to the US that impacts the participation rate?
  • Highlighting the main obstacles that UK-based event management businesses encounter when trying to develop successful client relationships.
  • A thorough examination of event management in the UK from tourists’ viewpoint.
  • Examining the elements that influence volunteer motivation in major American athletic events.
  • A critical examination of the key factors to be taken into account while organising and carrying out state-level nonprofit events in the United Kingdom.
  • The function of green practices in corporate event planning in the UK; both good and negative environmental effects.
  • ECB Premier League events from the past were studied to forecast future event management methods and income generation based on visitor attendance rates.
  • Investigating the hiring practices at UK-based event management consulting companies
  • A case study on the 2018 FIFA World Cup organisation in Russia and the variables that contributed to its success.
  • A case study of the Google I/O events for assessing the effectiveness of event management tactics while fostering customer interactions
  • Venue considerations for event management in developing economies study safety and risk management standards.


Your event management dissertation might employ a variety of concepts, as you can see from the list above. Choosing one of these Events Management dissertation topics isn’t enough. You need to research them first. In order to capture your reader’s attention, your writing must be 100% original and not too complicated or difficult to understand.

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