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Diplomacy Dissertation Topics Ideas

Published by at January 5th, 2023 , Revised On March 24, 2023

Diplomacy dissertation is an interesting and important academic pursuit, especially given the current global climate. The ability to navigate potentially challenging international relationships is an invaluable skill for anyone in public service or those looking to work in international relations. This research requires students to identify a specific area of diplomacy and then build their understanding of relevant concepts and theories through rigorous analysis.

The topics for a diplomacy dissertation can vary widely, depending on the interests and abilities of the student. For example, those interested in global politics may want to explore themes such as military interventions, humanitarian aid, or foreign policy decisions.

For those more focused on economics, topics such as trade agreements or economic sanctions could be explored. There are also interesting questions related to law that could be addressed by delving into diplomatic immunity or international criminal law.

When Should a Student Choose a Diplomacy Dissertation Topic?

When it comes to choosing a dissertation topic for a diplomacy major, the possibilities are nearly endless. So, of course, it can be overwhelming to make such an important decision. It is essential to consider what type of research you want to conduct and what kind of project you want to work on to help narrow down your choices and make the process easier.

Some students prefer a more theoretical approach, focusing on international relations theory or how different countries interact diplomatically with one another. Others may be more interested in researching specific historical events that shaped global events or policies implemented due to diplomatic efforts. Answering these questions will help you identify the topics best suited for your dissertation project.

Once you have identified potential dissertation topics that fit your interests, doing primary research on each option is essential.

List of Diplomacy Dissertation Topics

  1. Conceptualising equidistant diplomacy in international relations: the case of Singapore
  2. The role of public diplomacy in international relations in the full process of globalisation
  3. Introduction: Commercial diplomacy and international business: merging international business and international relations
  4. Democracy and diplomacy: The impact of domestic politics in US foreign policy, 1789-1994
  5. Diplomacy, domestic politics, and the US-India nuclear agreement
  6. Diplomatic practices, domestic fields, and the international system: Explaining France’s France’s shift on nuclear nonproliferation
  7. Germany at Maastricht: diplomacy and domestic politics
  8. Japanese foreign policy on climate change: Diplomacy and domestic politics
  9. Streaming diplomacy: Netflix’s domestic politics and foreign policy
  10. Domestic politics, international bargaining and China’s territorial disputes
  11. Revisiting pipeline politics and diplomacy: from energy security to domestic politics explanations
  12. China’s diplomacy: Theory and practice
  13. Who “won” Libya? The force-diplomacy debate and its implications for theory and policy
  14. Diplomacy theory and practice in Islam
  15. International security in practice: the politics of NATO-Russia diplomacy
  16. Conspiracy theories as a Russian public diplomacy Tool: The case of Russia Today (RT)
  17. Teaching diplomacy by other means: Using an outside-of-class simulation to teach international relations theory
  18. Naval diplomacy—a theoretical approach
  19. China’s strategic partnership diplomacy
  20. Rising star: China’s new security diplomacy
  21. China diplomacy, 1914-1918
  22. China’s oil diplomacy in Africa
  23. Beyond diplomacy? UK relations with China since 1997
  24. The concept of ”community of common destiny in China’s diplomacy: Meaning, motives and implications
  25. Social media and public diplomacy: A comparative analysis of the digital diplomatic strategies of the EU, US and Japan in China
  26. Diplomacy and War at NATO: The secretary general and military action after the cold war
  27. The gulf conflict, 1990-1991: Diplomacy and war in the new world order.

What is the Importance of Choosing the Right Diplomacy Dissertation Topic?

Choosing the right topic for your diplomacy dissertation can be difficult. However, selecting an appropriate research question is essential for producing meaningful and engaging work. When choosing the most suitable topic, you need to consider several factors: its relevance in today’s world, how much data and literature are available as support, and whether or not it is something that interests you.

A good diplomacy dissertation topic should tick all these boxes; it should allow you to explore a relevant issue from multiple angles and express your opinion within the context of current affairs.

This will ensure that your research has value beyond the academic setting by providing important insights into real-world challenges and helping inform future policymaking decisions. Moreover, if your chosen subject matter genuinely excites you, this enthusiasm will shine through in your finished product – improving its overall impact even further.

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FAQ’s About Diplomacy Dissertation Ideas

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It is important to choose diplomacy dissertation topics at the outset of the dissertation whenever it is assigned. It takes a great deal of time to research a dissertation, so you will save a lot of hassle if you choose a topic ahead of time.

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