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Branding Dissertation Topics & Thesis Ideas

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On June 4, 2024

Are you looking for unique and intriguing branding dissertation topics, ideas and topic examples? If yes, continue reading this article because it provides several branding dissertation topic suggestions for your consideration.

However, before reading the topics list, let’s quickly look at what branding is and how it is performed by marketers.

List of Dissertation Topics For Branding

Many topics can be covered in branding dissertations. You can use the following list of popular branding dissertation topics for your next paper.

  1. A comparison between brand equity and perceived risk
  2. The positive and negative facets of a brand’s marketability
  3. A study of advertising’s results during a recession
  4. Comprehensive analysis of how brands use impulsive buying
  5. An analysis of the ROI effects of celebrity endorsements
  6. A study exploring augmented reality’s effects on marketing encounters
  7. The influence of appealing marketing on consumers’ decisions
  8. A survey of branding methods and strategies in the age of sustainability
  9. An assessment of branding’s historical and contemporary contributions
  10. An examination of B2B branding tactics in the UK’s emerging markets
  11. Using digital techniques to raise brand salience: Use
  12. Social media marketing to build small business brands
  13. The consequences of luxury brand marketing strategies to create brand loyalty and consumer pleasure
  14. The importance of celebrity endorsement on the UK fragrance industry’s brand image
  15. A comparison of social media marketing versus billboard advertisements
  16. The effects of unethical behaviour on brand perception
  17. Targeting customers in ethnic markets
  18. Use social media marketing to build small business brands
  19. A thorough examination of how corporations market to customers
  20. Brand management’s effects on the fast-food sector
  21. Networking and establishing contacts
  22. Branding’s importance for small firms in the UK
  23. A study of the impact of poor branding on company sales
  24. The influence of appealing marketing on consumers’ decisions to patronise upscale restaurants in the UK
  25. The importance of colour psychology in influencing consumers’ decisions to buy premium brands
  26. A survey of the relevant literature on the challenges and possibilities in brand portfolio management
  27. How is brand identity formed and influenced in the context of the digital age?
  28. What effect does customer engagement with products and services have on brand personality?
  29. How can B2B industries efficiently develop brand equity?
  30. What are the key success factors and risks associated with brand extensions?
  31. In what ways does brand experience help in the establishment of a durable brand reputation?
  32. What role may social media play in brand crisis management?
  33. What effects does branding have on gaining clients and marketing ROI?
  34. What is the importance of consistent brand messaging in building a strong online identity?
  35. How does branding affect how digital marketing efforts turn out?
  36. How does brand communication influence consumer trust and loyalty?

Our list of topics will help you start writing a perfect dissertation. We have also curated a list of marketing dissertation topics, marketing management dissertation topics, and online marketing dissertation topics for you to check because they are related to the subject of marketing.

The Different Areas Of Branding Dissertation Topics We Can Help You With

There are many types of branding; some of them are given below:

Functional Branding

Branding of this type emphasises function over appearance. In contrast to how a product looks or sounds, it is more important how it performs its intended function.

Visual Branding

This branding includes functional and non-functional elements such as colour schemes and logos. The goal is to create an appealing image for your product or service.

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Symbolic Branding

This type of branding aims to create an identity that represents who you are as a company and what you stand for. Starbucks, for example, use a coffee bean logo instead of a cup in its logo.

Brand Identity

Essentially, this is how a brand looks and feels. It is created through symbols, colours, fonts, etc. Studying your competition to understand what your target audience likes is essential to developing a brand identity.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning helps position your product or service to increase the familiarity of your target audience. For your product or service to compete on an equal footing with existing products, most brand strategists also use market segmentation analysis and customer satisfaction surveys.

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An organisation’s brand is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate itself and build customer loyalty. Ensure your brand is represented correctly by understanding the difference between a logo, brand name, and brand identity.

Whether it’s about creating a memorable brand image or bringing your brand to the forefront, harnessing the power of branding is crucial.
By shaping consumers’ minds with a specific company image, many big brands have brought their brands into the limelight.

Branding is an intangible marketing tool that assures customers that their products and services are high-quality and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it promotes brand recognition across multiple channels, converting first-time buyers into loyal customers. The mentioned above list of branding dissertation topics should provide you with some ideas about what to write about.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    To find dissertation topics about branding:

    1. Research recent branding challenges.
    2. Explore consumer behaviour trends.
    3. Analyse successful brand strategies.
    4. Investigate brand perception shifts.
    5. Examine cross-cultural branding.
    6. Select a niche area aligning with your passion and expertise.

    All the things that make a company memorable and unique are part of its brand identity. The company’s essence can be found in its name, logo, tagline, and other identifiers representing what it stands for in the minds of customers, employees, and investors.

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