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Tips to Write Dissertation Methodology

Published by at August 12th, 2021 , Revised On November 8, 2021

In this article, we will provide the necessary tips for you to write an amazing dissertation methodology. Let’s discuss those points:


Discuss the Problem

The literature review follows the dissertation methodology section. It focuses on the research questions and will enable you to explore the problem, which will be addressed in the dissertation.


You are required to provide a sketch of the approach you will be using in the dissertation. It will include all the methods you are going to opt-in the dissertation methodology section. You should mention what conclusion you are expecting from the chosen methodology.

Reproducibility and Reliability

Don’t design your methodology so that it becomes impossible to work on it by considering your own budgetary and time limits. Try not to be stiff in your approach; yet keep your dissertation methodology flexible so that if anyone wants to challenge your work, they can do so without any difficulty.

The above can be considered the highlight of this article – tips to write dissertation methodology.


Find out whether your dissertation research methodology can be adopted from other similar research projects in your field of study. As you start to review the existing literature, you will discover many other similar works to which your project relates, and adopting one of those methodologies would add to your work’s dependability.

Does your Research Methodology Have the Following?

  • Great Research/Sources
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  • Accurate Sources

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Justify your Methodology

Always back your methodology with justification. Tell your audience the reasons why you chose this methodology for your research. While preparing the dissertation methodology, keep in mind that the more unorthodox your methodology is, the stronger its justification.


There are numerous ways of conducting research using different methodological approaches. Make sure you choose the best approach and look into alternative options to evaluate which methodology can bring your research’s best results.

Make it Reliable and Valid

One of the tips to write dissertation methodology flawlessly is to make sure you don’t cling to a methodology that can raise questions about your research’s reliability and validity. Make this section precise, accurate, free from errors, and provide statistical details where required.


When choosing sampling techniques, one should select a sample population aligned with the methodology to be used, as different sampling methods are used for different types of research. 

Include Appendix

The methodology section cannot be completed without including the appendix to provide relevant data, i.e., questionnaires, responses, or any outliers to be mentioned.


It is recommended to have a “Sampling” section in your methodology so the readers can figure out to what extent the data gathered to your approach is generalisable. This is an important aspect of the methodology and should be taken into consideration when designing the methodology. Results that are general and applicable to larger population sizes outside your own data set will make your work more persuasive.

Here are comprehensive guidelines on how to write a dissertation methodology.

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