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Journalism Dissertation Topics – Get a Research Based Topic

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 11, 2023

Coming up with original journalism dissertation topics for your undergraduate, Master or PhD degree can be a very frustrating experience. In contrast to other disciplines, journalism dissertations are judged based on the interviewee’s quality of information.

A journalism dissertation must be more than just a statement of theoretical knowledge; it must be genuine and applicable.

Are you trying to find the ideal subjects for journalism research? Improve your grade in the dissertation project by using these journalistic research questions and topics.

Unique Journalism Topics

  1. By depicting women as materialistic things, how does the media help perpetuate stereotyped depictions of women?
  2. Discuss how powerful individuals influence the freedom of media and journalist
  3. Talk about the main issues that journalists face when performing their jobs
  4. What impact has advances in science and technology had on journalism?
  5. How many journalists alter the idea that women are materialistic?
  6. Can journalism be utilized to advance disadvantaged groups in society?
  7. What impact do online media outlets have on journalism today?
  8. Do you think social media is displacing print media?
  9. How has technology changed the methods through which journalists communicate with their audience?
  10. How do well-known people affect the freedom of the press and journalists?
  11. Describe the difficulties faced daily by journalists working in a variety of geographical settings
  12. How can journalists better inform the public about current events?
  13. What part does the media play in lowering crime?
  14. Talk about how the media has a bad impact on violence
  15. What connection is there between media and the expansion of the fashion sector?
  16. What is the media’s subsequent effect on the expansion of an economy?
  17. What do you think about denying political media outlets a license to operate?
  18. Consider the effects of media on your life during the past 10 years
  19. Describe how media violence could be advantageous compared to the violence that is affected by society
  20. Examine how the media sector has changed as a result of technological development

Best Journalism Topics

  1. Examine the arguments against headlines employing metaphors by media outlets
  2. How media psychology relates to communication
  3. Describe how the media has influenced the music industry’s expansion
  4. Examine how the media has influenced advancements
  5. Describe the effects of biased media and why it could be harmful to society
  6. Examine how the media has violated people’s rights and freedoms
  7. Look at the Black Lives Matter movement and how the media has contributed to its growth
  8. Consider the impact of media on the dwindling of traditions and culture
  9. Why does political antagonism between political subjects and classes need to be promoted through the media?
  10. What part does the media play in encouraging educational activities?
  11. What part does the media play in raising awareness?
  12. Describe how readers may check the accuracy and legitimacy of news stories.
  13. Discuss the role of the media in a nation’s development
  14. Describe the influence that social media has had on how police brutality instances are reported
  15. What effect did the media have on the size of the Vietnam War?
  16. Identify if governments should have the only authority to censor journalists and news reporters
  17. Describe the key problems that journalism faces
  18. Examines if media outlets are to blame for the dissemination of unfounded rumours

Investigative Journalism Topics

  1. How reporters may continue to produce high-quality work without necessarily spending more
  2. Nigeria is a case study of how the media is assisting in the rebranding of some nations
  3. How powerful politicians influence some media outlets’ important choices
  4. An evaluation of the issues limiting information freedom in emerging nations
  5. How is sexual material used on the front pages of health publications to draw readers?
  6. How to utilise magazine covers to increase sales
  7. What moral distinctions exist between the invasion of privacy and investigative journalism?
  8. An examination of the major players in modern media organisations
  9. How do politicians in developing nations continue to seduce the populace with nebulous assurances about the quality of the educational system and the development of jobs?
  10. How call centres are using the media to fill employment and aid the unemployed in society
  11. Politicians lack the ideological motivation they formerly did. A careful examination of the way political parties promote their views
  12. Can Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan repair their unfavourable reputations in the world?

Hot Journalism Topics

  1. Consider some of the most major upcoming shifts in journalism.
  2. Describe the many advantages that commercials and product promotions have for media sources.
  3. Why is it inappropriate for superstars and celebrities to go through media trials?
  4. Define stylised writing and explain if it is appropriate in the internet-dependent world of today.
  5. Talk about the potentially harmful effects that media may have on pupils.
  6. Explain why sexual stuff should no longer be broadcasted on television.
  7. Consider how the media shapes how social issues like racism are expressed.
  8. Examine the effect of new media on spending for digital learning.
  9. Ask if it’s possible to pursue the truth in journalism without violating the journalistic code.
  10. Discuss how the media affects a person’s emotional and psychological health.
  11. Talk about the primary difficulties that journalists face when carrying out their duties.
  12. What effect has science and technological progress had on journalism?
  13. What can reporters do to disprove the notion that women are materialistic?
  14. Describe how foreign enemies and rivals are presented in American media
  15. Do people read less about current affairs now that there’s the internet?
  16. Why has news reporting altered as a result of the internet?
  17. Examine some of the most important and expected impending advancements in journalism
  18. Nigeria serves as a case study for how the media helps some countries rebrand.
  19. A case study on the societal problem of pollution and the role of the media in addressing
  20. Look into the effects of the fear caused by crime reporting in the media
  21. Talk about how the media is used to set the agenda
  22. Describe the issues with how black women are portrayed in the media
  23. Talk about how women and their sexuality are used in advertising in the media

Journalism & Freedom of Expressions Topics

  1. Journalists depend on sources for their work. Should these sources be shielded from situations that can lead to a breach of confidence by the laws protecting freedom of expression?
  2. A principle of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution encourages a highly balanced approach to media and freedom of expression. Should the UK follow their example?
  3. Exist any reasons for restricting a journalist’s freedom of expression in the name of a democratic society?
  4. Some contend that a democratic society’s cornerstones are freedom of speech and the press. A comparison of how people in the US and the UK feel about press freedom
  5. Do tabloids and broadsheets have varying degrees of freedom of speech? The Times against The News of the World
  6. The common law grants people of the UK a restricted right to free speech. What effect does this have on journalism in the nation?
  7. How courts trample on journalists’ right to free speech is highlighted by the Sunday Times v. UK case. How can courts protect journalists more fully?
  8. Article 10 of the Human Rights Convention guarantees the right to freedom of speech. Can journalists use this law to their advantage?

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