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Portfolio Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 18, 2023

Portfolio management examines the projects and programs of an organisation. There are three aspects involved here: selection, prioritisation, and control. This is done by taking into account the strategic goals of the organisation.

Research topics for portfolio management dissertations must be one of these three areas of portfolio management. The study domain’s specifics and complexity may differ based on the degree level and academic program.

Choose a topic that would enable you to contribute to your field of study so you can achieve the highest possible project grade.

List of Portfolio Management Dissertation Topics & Ideas

  1. Concentrate on the obstacles and remedies for action-oriented portfolio management.
  2. The transition from a budget-based to a strategy-based domain.
  3. A descriptive approach to the function of innovation in the field of portfolio management.
  4. Customer portfolio management: concentrate on x-country businesses.
  5. An investigation of institutional portfolio management.
  6. The impact of passive timing in the field of portfolio management.
  7. An investigation into the connection between portfolio management and tail dependency.
  8. An exploration into the connection between portfolio management and tail dependency.
  9. Investigating the link between genetic algorithm optimization and portfolio management.
  10. Defaulted mortgage debt in X country is the main topic of real estate portfolio management.
  11. Studying the link between diversity and delegated portfolio management.
  12. Portfolio management and construction: a review of the empirical data.
  13. Concentrate on disputes and uncertainties when managing the portfolio of IT projects in country X.
  14. A systematic analysis of the obstacles and solutions faced by X-country portfolio management.
  15. A quantitative study on the effects of conditional value-at-risk on portfolio management’s stability analysis.
  16. Portfolio management historical analysis: tying the past, present, and future together.
  17. The part performance plays in attaining successful portfolio management.
  18. How might stress and socially responsible investment constraints impact portfolio management?
  19. A quantitative investigation on the connection between organizational ambidexterity and portfolio management.
  20. Comparing single-criteria and multi-criteria methods to determine the best stopping strategies for portfolio management.


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    For dissertation topics about portfolio management:

    1. Study recent finance trends.
    2. Explore risk assessment techniques.
    3. Analyze market strategies.
    4. Examine digital advancements.
    5. Consider sustainable investing.
    6. Choose a specific aspect aligned with your expertise and curiosity.

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