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Employment Law Dissertation topics

Published by at August 23rd, 2022 , Revised On August 23, 2022

Employment law governs the relationship between employers and employees largely. A contract outlines what employers expect from their employees, what they may ask them to accomplish, and the rights of the employees during and after employment. It has also been emphasized in recent years that different rights are applicable depending on who qualifies as a worker. Since the employment landscape is constantly changing and the gig economy is on the rise, job law is a key area of study.

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A list of dissertation subjects and suggestions on employment and equality law is available here. Let’s take a look at it.

  • A description of how agency workers’ employment rights and legal status have evolved
  • The employment law is currently facing a serious and contentious issue due to agency employees.
  • Does the Beecroft Report offer a favorable set of suggestions that safeguards workers while promoting flexibility in the workplace?
  • An examination of the employment laws and regulations in the UK and the trade unions.
  • Is it satisfactory how the law applies the “spectrum of reasonable replies” standard in cases of wrongful dismissal?
  • How well-suited is the law governing “restrictive covenants” and garden leave?
  • Should English Employment Law adopt the US practice of “firing at will”?
  • How much have the rights of the disabled been improved by the Equality Act 2010?
  • How much of an uneven approach to religion and freedom of conscience have the Equality Act of 2010 provided under its aegis?
  • The connection in the UK between employment and religion. A scholarly viewpoint.
  • The impact of changes to UK employment regulations following its exit from the EU
  • The function of UK child labor regulations. How is the judiciary body combating increasing child labor?
  • An analysis of the employment rules in the EU and the UK’s automotive industries. Who has the greatest ideas for remuneration and rights protection in the workplace?
  • An extensive comparison of Islamic head coverings and business clothing in UK employment sectors. Do Muslims really have access to rights?
  • Investigation into unjust dismissal under UK law. Do businesses compensate employees who have been fired unfairly?
  • Is there any job security? A thorough case study of the UK’s employment laws and their shortcomings.
  • Effects of racial prejudice on an organization’s reputation. A thorough examination of UK labor legislation.
  • An analysis of UK laws pertaining to job discrimination.
  • How effective is the UK’s employment law in preventing racism?
  • Employee misbehavior: How is unethical management conduct handled under UK law?
  • What challenges do the UK employment rules present to a foreign worker?
  • The part that UK legislation plays in defending women’s rights in organizations
  • A review of UK employee selection standards.
  • the legal significance of employment in social work in the UK


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