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Wedding Dissertation Topics – Based on Latest Cultural Trends

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On August 11, 2023

Colleges and institutions worldwide offer degrees in hospitality and event planning. A wedding is one of the most lucrative and demanding events for event planners.

The fact that many people are interested in weddings, festivals and cultural events makes it easy to believe that there should be a lot of research on issues related to weddings, but that is contrary to the reality of the situation. 

Finding a unique and focused wedding thesis topic can be challenging, especially for Master’s and PhD students, so we have provided a list of the most trending and tempting wedding dissertation topics for you to choose from before you start writing the dissertation

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List Of Wedding Dissertation Topics

  1. Do couples who don’t plan their wedding celebrations more likely to go over budget than those who do?
  2. Do you believe the present economic climate has impacted the marriage planning sector?
  3. How would you compare modern wedding trends to those from the 1990s?
  4. Do contemporary marital traditions change the established ones?
  5. Will there be growth in the marriage planning sector soon?
  6. Why do most brides have goosebumps the day before their wedding?
  7. What occurs on a newlywed couple’s first night as opposed to what people anticipate?
  8. Why do most contemporary couples treat organising a sizable party on the day of marriage so seriously?
  9. Should those who aren’t financially secure still think about marriage rather than personal development?
  10. What are the media effects of the marriage planning industry?
  11. What is the significance of the wedding celebration planner?
  12. Do you believe that the current trends in wedding celebrations are expensive?
  13. Would it be correct to let kids decide whether or not their parents should get divorced?
  14. Is there any advantage to getting married early, before you have experienced adulthood?
  15. What advantages do young children receive from having parents who were already married when they had them?
  16. Should spouses be free to divorce one another, or should marriage be a sacred institution?
  17. Do kids from stable homes have more opportunities to develop and thrive than kids from unstable homes?
  18. Is it true that married couples have greater happiness than those in common-law relationships?
  19. Would it be possible to include people of all sexual orientations in marriage?
  20. Money handed in a red envelope is the traditional wedding gift in China. What regional differences exist in wedding gifts?
  21. What function did matchmakers play in ancient Jewish, Arabic, or Russian societies? How do friends and online dating services still play this role today?
  22. How has couples’ value of marriage changed due to the legalisation of gay marriages in some places?
  23. Does it matter whether a couple is married in a church or by a clergy member, or are all weddings similar?
  24. Weddings are seen as another milestone occasion in sociology. The event is meant to bring the relatives and friends of the couple together to celebrate a significant moment in their lives. Are nuptials still a milestone in society today?
  25. Experience of Attending a Church Wedding Theology, Religion
  26. Comparison of wedding customs and cultures across nations and religions
  27. Which wedding dresses should expectant women choose?
  28. Traditional Elements of a Contemporary Western Wedding
  29. An examination of wholesome relationships in Muriel’s Wedding
  30. The Wedding Ring as a Symbol of Promise in Denise Levertov’s Novel

One of the most memorable days in a person’s life is their wedding day. Organising weddings is a very stressful process for people. Styles and attire for wedding celebrations are constantly changing. Many options are available to students in this field for selecting the best wedding dissertation topics.

A few dissertation ideas about weddings are listed above. There is a continuous expansion in the wedding industry. Therefore, students should always look out for the latest developments in the hospitality industry to choose a relevant topic.

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    For contemporary wedding dissertation topics:

    1. Research current cultural trends.
    2. Analyze changing rituals and customs.
    3. Explore fusion of traditions.
    4. Investigate social media’s role.
    5. Examine eco-friendly weddings.
    6. Select a unique trend that resonates with you.

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