5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture

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July 5, 2019
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How to Write a Research Design
September 6, 2019

5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture

Dissertation Topics On Architecture

Primary Research, Secondary Research or Mix Method of Research in Dissertation? How do you decide which is the best for your dissertation paper?

All researchers need to be aware of the pros and cons of the two types of research methods to make sure their selected method of research is the most appropriate taking into account the topic of investigation. The success of any dissertation paper largely depends on choosing the correct research design but before you can decide whether you must base your research strategy on primary or secondary research ; it is important to understand the difference between primary resources and secondary resources.

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What is the Difference between Primary Sources and Secondary Sources?

What are Primary Sources?

Research Strategy - RP

According to UCL libraries, primary sources are articles, images or documents that provide direct evidence or first-hand testimony pertaining to any given topic of research. Researchers want to have a clear understanding of the information resulting from actions under investigation. Primary sources allow them to get as close as possible to those events so their analysis and interpretation can be recognised in scientific and academic communities.

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What are Secondary Sources?

However, when the researcher wishes to analyse and understand information coming out of events or actions that have already occurred, their work is regarded as secondary source. In essence, no secondary source can be created without using primary sources. The same source of information or evidence can be considered either primary or secondary depending on who is presenting the information and where the information is presented.

Examples of Primary Sources

Classic examples of primary sources include;

  • Original documents prepared by the researcher investigating any given topic of research.
  • Reporters witnessing an event and reporting news.
  • Conducting surveys to collect data, such as primary elections and population census.
  • Interviews, speeches, letters and diaries – what the participants wrote or said during the process of data collection.
  • Audio, video and image files created to capture an event.

Examples of Secondary Sources

Some examples of secondary sources are;

  • Documentaries (Even though the images, videos and audio are seen as primary sources by the developer of the documentary)
  • Articles, publications, journals and research documents created by those who are not directly involved in research.
  • Dissertations, thesis and essays.
  • Critical reviews.
  • Books presented as evidence.

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What Type of Research You Should Base Your Dissertation onPrimary or Secondary?

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