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Palliative Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 3rd, 2023 , Revised On August 16, 2023

Most people associate nurses with white dresses and nursing caps. However, nursing is much more diversified than that. The fact that nursing offers many specialities and career options is no longer surprising. Palliative care nursing is one of these specialities.

What Do Palliative Nurses Do?

Palliative care nurses provide specialised care to patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a better understanding of palliative care nursing and to encourage you to consider it as a career option.

The nurses in palliative care provide physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care to patients in severe critical conditions. Palliative care nurses offer patients and their families comfort and support.

Nurses specialising in palliative care are trained to administer medications and recommend pain relief solutions using advanced medical techniques.

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When a patient encounters severe illness or injury, palliative care nurses are closely involved. Throughout the entire process, they plan, educate, and counsel patients. In addition to providing them with physical, occupational, and psychological therapies, nurses also provide them with early intervention services.

Nurses specialising in palliative care often care for patients with serious illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions. Nurses in palliative care may have varying scopes of practice based on their roles.

They may perform some or all of the following duties in palliative care nursing:


Depending on their patients’ ages, genders, and other health conditions, palliative care nurses determine the type of care that will be most effective.


Palliative care nurses may develop a plan for each patient that includes goals for treatment measures and outcomes. This plan will contain information about medications’ potential side effects and actions to soothe adverse reactions from these treatments.

Care Coordination

Palliative care nurses also administer medical tests, including laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging (e.g., x-rays and CT scans), physical examinations, chemotherapy treatments, pain management, and nutrition therapy.

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List of Palliative Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Several dissertation topics can be explored in palliative care nursing. Some of the most popular issues for palliative care nursing students include.

Closely studying different avenues of palliative care nursing and training with respect to the nursing system in US healthcare

Understanding the challenges and hurdles faced during palliative care nursing for the patient’s speedy recovery and treatment

Insights into the clinical setting and hospital environment for palliative care treatments.

Understanding the need and implementation of counselling for palliative care patients’ families with emotional attachments

Incorporating rigorous study designs and methods to study the depths of palliative care for different patients based on multiple factors.

Studying some of the common interdisciplinary approaches to delivering top-notch palliative care for patients suffering badly from serious diseases.

Comparison between palliative care for general and cancer patients with their increased risk of other serious diseases.

Receiving and analyzing different reflective responses to patients’ treatments for palliative care and other treatment needs.

Importance to manage the team and bring everyone on the same page to deliver quality palliative care to patients from different backgrounds.

Expanding horizons for patient care and palliative treatments to impact the overall health of the patient in different conditions.

Collecting, analyzing, and distributing data on palliative care patients for long-term treatment in the UK healthcare industry.

The increasing need for standardized assessment equipment and modern health procedures used to ease patients suffering.

Comparison guide to differentiate and use the qualitative and quantitative approaches to discover the tried and tested palliative care solutions.

Focus on palliative care research to explore ways to enhance the treatment of critical patients demanding palliative care.

Walk through the entire process of palliative care for nurses, from education and training to curriculum development and practical experimentation in the clinical setting.

Research on palliative care patients suffering from third-stage severe cancer and other comorbid diseases.

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Palliative care nurses must meet specific educational requirements and pass a certification exam to graduate. Nurses need a bachelor’s degree, but they can also begin with an associate’s degree and transfer to a four-year program.

The salary of a palliative care nurse can vary depending on the location, experience, and company they work for. The average salary for palliative care nurses is $61,400 annually, ranging from $48,686 to $81,468.


The field of palliative care nursing is relatively new, but it is rapidly growing, and it is expected to dominate the healthcare industry within a decade. Palliative care nursing is a great option if you are passionate about caring for critically ill patients and bringing them back to life.

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To find palliative care nursing dissertation topics:

  1. Research recent developments.
  2. Explore ethical dilemmas.
  3. Analyze patient-family dynamics.
  4. Investigate symptom management.
  5. Consider cultural sensitivity.
  6. Opt for a topic resonating with your passion and contributing to the field.

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