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Wildlife Dissertation Topics – Bunch of The Best Topics

Published by at November 15th, 2022 , Revised On November 18, 2022

Animals, plants, and microorganisms that can live in their natural habitat and are not domesticated or cultivated are considered wildlife. A wide range of animal and plant species are included in wildlife, including uncultivated mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish. Numerous studies have been conducted in this area. Research on wildlife conservation, in particular, has received substantial funding. If you are thinking of writing a dissertation on this, our team has compiled many appealing wildlife dissertation topics for you.

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Here Is A Selection Of Some Excellent Wildlife Dissertation Topics:

  1. The impact of avian migration patterns on illness transmission in seasonal host bird populations
  2. A study of the conservation efforts for the Himalayan snow leopard
  3. An investigation on how building railroads has affected the choice of habitat for moose in rural Canada
  4. Studying Wildlife Tours in Protected Areas: A Review of the Security Protocols & Procedures
  5. Optimizing Wildlife Management on Crop Farms using Site-Specific Modeling
  6. Protecting Wildlife Herbivores on Private Game Ranches in Africa
  7. A research project on avian ecology and protection in monsoon environments
  8. Researchers investigate the impact of shifting weather patterns on the migration patterns of Asian geese
  9. A review of the impact of selective annual hunting licenses on Pakistani markhor conservation
  10. A study of the successful rehabilitation of the declining markhor communities in northern Pakistan under communal ownership
  11. Structure of the Network and Perceived Legitimacy in Collaborative Wildlife Management
  12. Costs of the Transaction Private versus Public Wildlife Management Trade-offs
  13. Considering Tax Policy Ideas to Support Nongame Wildlife Programs
  14. A research project is looking at how beaver dams impact fish biodiversity
  15. How many other wildlife species are still undiscovered? Theory and proof
  16. A review of flagship species’ significance to conservation efforts
  17. A study of how politics affects the conservation of the African rhino. Are our concerns about doing business with China preventing us from saving rhinos?
  18. A study of how politics affects whale conservation. Does the imperative protect the whale trump our political worries about Japan?
  19. The results of aggressive initiatives for animal rights. How does it impact conservation efforts?
  20. Relationships between Humans and Wildlife: Coronavirus Evolution
  21. Possibilities for Interdisciplinary Science to Reduce Bio-security Risks from Illegal Wildlife Trade and Emerging Zoonotic Pathogens
  22. Opposition to animal testing. What progress has been made during the past 50 years?
  23. The impact of imprisonment on a grey wolf’s mating habits
  24. An investigation of the behavioural similarities and differences between domestic dogs and wolves kept in captivity
  25. Grey wolves’ responses to various confinement conditions focused on their mating habits
  26. The impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on local wildlife habitat and ecology
  27. The conservation efforts of commercial zoos
  28. The impact of industrial waste on the preservation of wildlife
  29. Global legislative impact of animal conservation
  30. The impact of climate change on the preservation of animals
  31. What Can Integrated Conservation and Development Projects Achieve in Tourism, Poaching, and Wildlife Conservation Areas?
  32. Increased tourist support for nature conservation, both financially and in other ways, including wildlife-based tourism
  33. Supporting Wildlife Tourism-Based Sustainable Livelihoods
  34. Urban Wildlife Health Surveillance Developing into Intelligence for Monitoring and Mitigation of Pests
  35. The Identification and Evaluation of Potential Wildlife Habitat Corridors
  36. What are some of the things that prevent the wildlife sector of the economy from growing?
  37. How can wildlife be improved so that people and various animals can species benefit?
  38. Why shouldn’t these animals be handled gently and with respect by everyone?
  39. What is the impact of tourists on the poor performance of wildlife sections in developing nations?
  40. Is it permissible for the government to use different types of trees and animals for scientific research?


Make sure always to pick more than one topic and do research on all of them. You can use the internet or your library to gather sources. You may not find enough information on one topic. Researching multiple topics will help you collect enough data for various dissertation topics and then choose the one you found the most information on. 

Take inspiration from our list of wildlife dissertation topics, and get started with your dissertation!

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