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Change Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

Published by at September 5th, 2022 , Revised On November 18, 2022

Authorizing your dissertation is a very challenging task. As determined by the supervisors and advisors, the subjects should be innovative and creative, cover both theoretical and practical aspects, and add something new to the field.

The fact that change is a part of our lives in practically every aspect makes change management a fascinating and diverse topic for dissertations. Subjects related to change management are easy to find. Here are a few pointers to help you get started on your Change Management dissertation. Make sure you choose subjects that meet your requirements and are related to your interests. In addition, you can create your own dissertation topics based on your hobbies.

Below are the best change management dissertation topic ideas for you to choose from:

  • An examination of the methods and instruments used by British organizations to study and manage change
  • A study to comprehend the scholarly viewpoint on change management in global firms. What does it do, and how is it controlled?
  • How can firms in the UK recreate themselves in the COVID-19 era?
  • A study of the change management techniques used in the UK’s health care industry.
  • A critical analysis of the technological methods employed for efficient management.
  • A comparison of first- and third-world countries’ approaches to managing changes in natural resource usage patterns.
  • Comparative examination of industrialized and developing nations’ approaches to change management pitfalls.
  • Highlighting the methods for change management used in the public sector. A case study involving the UK.
  • Assessing the elements that influence change inside an organization. An examination of the British textile industry.
  • A systematic review of IT industry best practices for change management. A Facebook case study.
  • Examine the difficulties and obstacles in change management for new businesses in the UK.
  • Internal control elements are crucial to the effectiveness of change management strategies.
  • A study to ascertain how data modelling techniques are used to start changes in the UK manufacturing industry.
  • Social capital techniques’ contribution to the evaluation of change management initiatives.
  • An innovative study to better understand how organizations might reinvent themselves to fit the new norms and how change management works in times of financial crisis.
  • An investigation of the effects of policy input on organizational change culture. A case study of financial institutions and banks.
  • Examining leadership, ethics, and values in the context of change management.
  • An exploration of the impact of change management during the coronavirus epidemic in the UK’s public sector.
  • An analysis of the conceptualization of travel and tourism in poor countries using change management.
  • Examining the connections between information sharing, coherence in the curriculum, and change management in education
  • An investigation on the things about people who resist change. What are the ways to get over these management and adoption phobias of change?
  • management of climate change’s role in balancing rising energy demands
  • Planning for sustainable development and climate change control: a descriptive approach.
  • Examining the adoption of western methods for change management by Asian organizations, with a concentration on welfare groups.
  • What effects are there from developments in the auto manufacturing sector? A tesla case study
  • An examination of how data modelling is being used to spark change in the American manufacturing sector
  • What adjustments have companies had to make as a result of coronavirus outbreaks? An examination of the UK.


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