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Sports Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Published by at August 23rd, 2022 , Revised On August 23, 2022

It is an excellent idea to focus on sports as a dissertation topic once you know what areas you want to research. You should conduct research and follow your own interests. Sport psychology covers a wide range of topics, including visualization, choking, and players’ mental health. The modern world places a strong emphasis on promoting good mental health and developing strategies to help athletes develop “mental toughness”. Choose the sport you are most interested in. If you are passionate about sports, you are more likely to conduct extensive research for your dissertation.

For your dissertation, you may want to consider the following sports psychology dissertation ideas:

  • Examining the link between depressive symptoms in semi-pro athletes who participate in team sports and long-term sports injuries.
  • What impact does racism in organized sports have on professional athletes of color?
  • The pressure and choke experienced by skilled golfers during competitions are examined in “the pressure shot.”
  • Olympic athletes and performance-enhancing substances: is using peds worth a chance at the big stage?
  • A case study of the psychological effects of career-ending injuries in Spanish football academies is presented in this section on career transition in sports.
  • Parenting and exercise: An investigation of the difficulties faced by young athletes practicing with their parents.
  • A research to see how kid football players’ egos and complexes in sports academies affect their performance.
  • Football player animosity: A study of the conflicts between players on the same football team.
  • A conflict between the player and the coach: An investigation of the causes of such disputes.
  • Football players who abuse drugs: An investigation on such footballers in Africa.
  • Understanding the feelings and thoughts of homosexuality among professional sports, both male and female.
  • What effects do recurrent sports injuries have on professional players’ mental health?
  • How parents use their children to relive their sporting fantasies is known as living sporting dreams through children.
  • How does elite athletes’ mental health affect their performance?
  • Recognizing the relationship between culture and racial attitudes among English football supporters.
  • Quality of life variations among semi-pro athletes in team sports.
  • A research to determine whether a good sports player’s mental toughness is weakened by repeated injuries among football players.
  • A study was conducted to determine what mental illness causes athletes to become drug addicts.
  • Football player depression: A study to comprehend how depression affects a football player who is rarely used on the field.
  • How are an athlete’s identity and performance impacted by the level of celebrity? What are the key metrics that famous athletes pay attention to?
  • What effects can interval training methods that include positive reinforcement have on enhancing competitive performance in professional matches?
  • What impact do team chants have on a team’s performance before a game? What do the statistics say about each player’s degree of chant participation?


Any topic for a dissertation in sports psychology should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind the reader’s interest, the availability of credible sources, and the effect the issue will have on the field. Look at several sources for unique ideas, and always think about hiring a pro to help you examine, edit, and proofread your work as you go. You may also employ the greatest thesis writers to assist you with the entire writing process and forget about running into any difficulties. Hopefully, the aforementioned sports psychology dissertation ideas help you with coming up with an interesting topic.

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