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Consumer Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Published by at August 29th, 2022 , Revised On November 18, 2022

Consumer psychology has always been a well-known yet understudied field in psychology. The psychology of consumption describes how people adopt, use, and eventually dispose of goods, services, or concepts.

Earning a degree in this area opens up a range of employment opportunities. The first step to a rich career option is choosing excellent consumer behavior topics for your dissertation. You may find it challenging to choose a strong topic for your dissertation.

Here are some consumer psychology dissertation ideas and recommendations to help you.

  • A Consumer Psychology and Empirical Analysis of Trademark Distinctiveness.
  • The Development of Psychological Ownership in Consumer Psychology across History.
  • Empirical Links between Cognitive Style and Need for Cognition: Implications for Consumer Psychology.
  • The market of ideology: “Elective affinities” in political psychology and their effects on purchasing decisions.
  • Compulsive purchasing behaviour typologies: a constrained cluster-wise regression approach.
  • An overview of the participants in focus groups self-presentational concerns and reaction patterns conceptually.
  • Situated, embodied thought: Examining orientation cues impacts product evaluation and selection.
  • Understanding consumer mythology: A structural view of buying habits.
  • Automatic and deliberate grounds for suspicion: evidence of the sinister attribution error.
  • Examine the metacognitive effects of one-sided versus two-sided message framing on attitude certainty.
  • Appealing to persuasion to activate culture: The bicultural consumer is examined.
  • Evidence from fMRI and behavioural investigations suggests that increasing sensitivity to implementation can lessen the consequences of self-control depletion.
  • How do children react to advertisements? What is the process of consumer socialization?
  • Does advertising encourage binge-eating? What impact does it have on those who are more susceptible to addictions?
  • Psychological tricks to manipulate clients’ thoughts? Is market manipulation limited to advertising?


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