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Feminism Dissertation Topics – Choose The Best Topic For Your Dissertation

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Feminist dissertation topics focus on the people who believe that women should have equal chances and rights as men. Feminism is a historical, social, and political movement founded by women to achieve gender equality and remove injustice. Feminism is an important topic that has been frequently debated in a male-dominated society since the nineteenth century. However, in recent years, the feminist voice has become louder, and feminist issues have grown in popularity.

An excellent feminist research topic is all you need to write a feminist dissertation. Feminism, in general, is a broad subject that examines the challenges women confront, such as sexual harassment, oppression, repression, stereotyping, sexual objectification, and other types of political and social oppression.

As the subject is vast, selecting a feminist topic for a dissertation or research paper is a difficult challenge. So, to assist you, we have compiled a list of relevant feminist research paper topics for your perusal.

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Topics on Feminist Issues

  1. Examine how the internet has transformed Feminism into a public source of mockery and praise.
  2. Investigate the theoretical conflict between gender and sex.
  3. Investigate the history of the #MeToo movement and the feminism victim challenge.
  4. Examine the views of several feminists who are still devout Muslims on Female Genital Mutilation.
  5. To make the feminist message, emphasize the feminist technique and means.
  6. According to five works of literature or important feminists/anti-feminists of your choosing, how does Feminism establish, dismantle, and reconstruct gender roles?
  7. Examine how feminists deal with societal injustice and violence.
  8. Investigate the employability of feminist women in the United States.
  9. What is the feminist critic’s stance on worldwide gender inequality?
  10. How modern beauty standards continue to limit what and who is considered beautiful online and offline.
  11. How the concept of beauty is also a radical social and political prejudice that denies women some basic rights.
  12. Examine gender disparity and equality in American politics.
  13. Investigate gender imbalance and equality in the UK government.
  14. Consider if religion, Feminism, and liberal morality can be reconciled.
  15. Examine the difficulties women confront in the face of violence in nations such as India and Pakistan.
  16. Examine feminist psychology about Middle Eastern women.
  17. Analyze the changing feminist thought in the academic and in the actual world.
  18. How governments use Feminism as a tool for social mobilization, resulting in the demise of their culture.
  19. Modern beauty standards continue to limit what and who is considered beautiful online and offline.
  20. The concept of beauty is also a radical social and political prejudice that denies women some basic rights.

Feminist Project Topics

  1. The contrast between the gender roles of women and the Feminist role in society
  2. Examining the benefits and drawbacks of identifying as a feminist
  3. Compare the benefits of being a feminist in rich and developing countries.
  4. Examine the future of Feminism in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Examine the motivating elements of Feminism throughout history
  5. Highlight and explain how Feminism has contributed to increased rape education.
  6. Feminism and government assistance: How government assistance may put an end to all vices against women
  7. The careful examination of equity and equality in Feminism
  8. The modern world’s perspective on Feminism has shifted: debate
  9. Investigate the lives, times, and biographies of any male feminist.
  10. Justify the role of Middle Eastern women in the struggle for gender equality.
  11. Examine any European government’s activities in promoting feminist principles.
  12. Examine any Southern American government’s role in preserving women’s rights.
  13. Investigate the relationship between Feminism and lesbianism.
  14. Examine the link between Feminism and the increase of single women in America. Determine the relevance of the emergence of liberal ideals over conservative beliefs in promoting Feminism.
  15. Discuss how women in the United States military are still subjected to discrimination, sexual assault, and brutality.
  16. Discuss the methods for eliminating sexual assault and discrimination in the military of two nations of your choice.
  17. Analyze the role of women in your preferred UK election.
  18. Investigate the issue of gender equality in modern Britain.
  19. Provide an outline of the British monarchy and the restoration of female kings.
  20. Rebuild the Women’s Trade Union League’s fundamental ideals and principles.

Feminist Research Topics

  1. Give some instances of modern feminist manifestos and what they have contained in feminist thought.
  2. What is Feminism’s detrimental impact on teens, and how has it created hatred towards men?
  3. What is the public’s take on women’s influence over celebrities in the face of the law in the aftermath of R Kelly’s imprisonment?
  4. Speak with a self-identified feminist and discuss their views on Feminism.
  5. Discuss the contentious topics surrounding Feminism and provide solutions to unsolved problems.
  6. Examine Mona Eataly’s writings and compare her feminist beliefs to those of other black feminists.
  7. Investigate what bold Feminism entails.
  8. Should unisex restrooms be permitted in pubs, restaurants, and hotels in a world fraught with sexual violence?
  9. Examine the prejudices experienced by transgender women and how the feminist movement might be a sort of stereotyped freedom.
  10. Investigate the wide varieties of Feminism and how hairstyles can also be used to make political statements.

Feminist Topic Ideas for Discussion

  1. Is Feminism only a historical residue of a modern need?
  2. Is it possible for a female president to arise in America or the United Kingdom because Taiwan’s president is female?
  3. What are your opinions on female authorities serving in various roles worldwide?
  4. What do you think about the absence of female political representation?
  5. How does a lack of political representation for women influence women’s political participation?
  6. Could religion be claimed to be a contributing element to women’s current plight?
  7. The internet has been a driving factor in the pursuit of equality.
  8. The feminist movement is just a platform for women to gain more power.
  9. How have environmental and feminist issues influenced national policies?
  10. Have other movements swallowed Feminism?

Women Empowerment Topics

  1. What role does the shift from cash to digital payrolls have in empowering women in poor countries?
  2. Why is there such a disparity between corporate attempts to execute women’s empowerment?
  3. Initiatives and corporate commitments to furthering equality?
  4. Talk about what everyone can do to help women in their neighbourhood.
  5. Why is workplace health such an important issue for women’s empowerment?
  6. Examine the numerous advantages of women’s empowerment.
  7. How has the UAE’s feminist movement empowered Arab women?
  8. Women’s political representation, politics, and decision-making.
  9. Discuss the role of feminists in promoting women’s empowerment.
  10. Women’s empowerment in Asian countries has increased during the previous two decades.

Informative Feminism Dissertation Topics

  1. Is it feasible to distinguish the three major waves of Feminism while defining a cohesive philosophy?
  2. Why is the premise that ‘if you believe men and women are equal, you’re a feminist’ insufficient in the Feminist movement’s third wave?
  3. Can Feminism forge a coherent movement amid the shattered environment of 21st-century Feminist thought?
  4. An assessment of the third wave’s inadequacy as the final progression of Feminist thinking, as well as how the next wave will be characterized.
  5. What are the difficulties that Intersectional Feminism has in disentangling oppressive systems from one another, and how can the movement negotiate this complication?
  6. A feminist assessment of the relationship between police violence and patriarchal society.
  7. Where is the boundary between defending an oppressed ecology and imposing oppressive ideals?
  8. Investigating the relationship between authoritarian right anti-environmental and anti-feminist political thought.
  9. Priority or Privilege? A critical examination of the Ecofeminist movement’s inability to address class problems and the consequences for its efficacy.
  10. How does Feminist thought in emerging environments vary from Western Feminist philosophy?
  11. A critical examination of how Western Feminism fails to meet the issues of global women.
  12. Is it feasible for Western philosophy to accurately reflect women living in the aftermath of colonial domination in a postcolonial society?
  13. Is promoting gender equality in emerging countries a moral obligation or an imperialist endeavour?
  14. Investigate the gender difference in the pursuit of independence for any country.
  15. A critical examination of the role of identity politics in social justice movements in the twenty-first century.

It is possible to contribute to an ever-growing and complicated field of study by writing a dissertation or capstone on feminist philosophy and critique. In view of the complexity of the underlying issue of ‘Feminism’, there are a number of feminist dissertation topics to consider. There has never been a more important time to research culturally relevant topics for your dissertation than in 2022.

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    1. Study feminist literature and theories.
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    3. Explore intersectionality with race, class, etc.
    4. Investigate historical and contemporary perspectives.
    5. Consider media, politics, arts for feminist angles.
    6. Choose a topic resonating with your passion and research goals.

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