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45 Veterinary Dissertation Topic Ideas To Motivate Yo

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On January 23, 2023

Veterinary medicine is a broad area of study, so there are many potential issues you can base your dissertation or thesis on. You may want to consider veterinary science comparable to human health care, such as laboratory animal medicine, animal welfare, and law, so that you can come up with an impactful veterinary dissertation topic.

Choose an interesting but focused research topic that enables you to contribute to your field of study. Choosing a topic for a paper or dissertation is one of the most crucial decisions students must make. So avoid writing about an idea that is so narrow that you end up having no academic sources to use in the research. 

Veterinary Dissertation Topics and Ideas

  1. Animals are used for fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)
  2. Necropsy’s significance in veterinary medicine
  3. The value of veterinarians to the retail industry
  4. Examination of contemporary pet vaccinations
  5. Why not crocodiles or zebras? – investigating contemporary quirks in pet selection
  6. Investigating the components of natural animal feeds as the pet food business transitions to natural
  7. Rural locations with poor veterinary care: cause and remedies
  8. Fear or the dominance theory? – investigating the behavioural issues with dogs
  9. Looking for the best remedies for thunderstorm anxiety
  10. Why do the majority of pets have this phobia? Is it treatable?
  11. Is it a myth that animals act poorly because they want to rule the pack?
  12. Why do owners of sick animals need to be on guard?
  13. Environmental influences on chickens’ egg-laying productivity
  14. When do some chickens produce more eggs than others? What are the ideal circumstances to maintain their high levels of productivity?
  15. Cardiovascular changes in canine leishmaniasis
  16. Relevant clinical alterations in breast cancer in stage 3 females
  17. Cancer patients’ nutritional needs and metabolic changes are managed
  18. Review of the literature on alternative methods for treating canine atopic dermatitis
  19. Analysis of the primary epidemiological traits present in a buck with a breast tumour
  20. Cost-benefit analysis of supplemental mineral feeding to beef cattle
  21. Little ones frequently experience heart disorders
  22. Breast cancer reconstruction procedures for female dogs and cats
  23. Laws and public education about animal abuse
  24. An outline of the veterinary nurse’s responsibility in stopping owner maltreatment of animals
  25. Following surgery, the animals get rehabilitation
  26. What part does the veterinary nurse play in addressing the psychological effects of animal abuse? Is there any way to make it better?
  27. Illnesses that are extremely contagious and harm domestic animals
  28. Veterinary students are taught about public health as part of their training
  29. Treatment of sporty horses with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  30. Effectiveness of homoeopathic medication in controlling ticks in dairy cattle
  31. A case study of bitches treated at the university veterinary hospital for breast cancer
  32. Study of sporotrichosis and visceral leishmaniasis notifications in the CCZ
  33. Investigation of the anaesthesia procedure death rate in tiny animals undergoing surgery
  34. Ways to improve how domestic animals are treated in the public network
  35. The significance of electrocardiography in dogs before surgery
  36. Neoplasms in an animal’s reproductive system
  37. The relevance of veterinarians in meeting retail needs
  38. Factors affecting milk quality in family farm settings
  39. As a technique for sustainability in agriculture, rotated grazing
  40. Prevalence of breast cancers in women and examination of their clinical and epidemiological features
  41. Cigarette carcinogens bring on principal tumours in dogs and cats
  42. Carcinogen-related cancer types manifested in dogs and cats exposed to smoke
  43. Gentamicin intramammary therapy in lactating cows with clinical and subclinical mastitis
  44. Aloe vera and arnica Montana are natural remedies for horse pythiosis
  45. Examine the veterinary nursing policies and practices of various nations and any potential working circumstances for nurses there

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These topics will help you get motivated to start working on your dissertation. You should also check out our list of biology dissertation topics for more inspiration. 

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