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Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On October 9, 2023

Whether you are a die-hard fan or part of a sports brand, you will need to learn about the idea of sports marketing at some point. The most challenging aspect of sports marketing is securing and activating sponsorships, building relationships with customers, and getting brand approvals.

This article will also provide insights on some of the best sports marketing dissertation topics to get started with your assignment without help.

What is Sports Marketing

Sports marketing can involve promoting an event, a tournament, a player, a team, or a league. Besides advertising and promotion, sports marketing strategies include sponsorship management, event production, and broadcasting.

Online sports marketing helps sports enthusiasts promote their brands, products, and services with the help of the internet.

Sports marketing allows athletes and businesses to showcase their skills and abilities instead of traditional marketing methods. So, if you are looking for sports marketing dissertation topics, know that it is a great choice, and we can help you with ideas.

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Types of Sports Marketing Thesis Topics

No matter what type of sports team you manage or what kind of practice you advertise, marketing can help you go far without spending a fortune.

It’s no longer necessary to have cable TV to attract viewers to your sports channels. With the changing times, sports marketing has also changed. Brands and individuals use sports marketing today to reach a broad audience. However, this type of marketing also involves collaboration between companies to develop effective sports marketing campaigns.

There are three types of sports marketing

Traditional sports marketing

Ads in newspapers, television commercials, and sponsorships are often used as conventional advertising techniques. You can read a broad audience through this type of sports marketing.

New media sports marketing

This type uses mobile services and online social networking sites to reach its audience. Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, consumers can interact with one another.

Direct response sports marketing

Direct marketing involves selling products directly to consumers through mail campaigns, websites, and phone calls. Sports merchandise salespeople do direct-response marketing.

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List of sports marketing dissertation topics

You may want to consider the following sports marketing dissertation topics for your dissertation or thesis.

  1. Importance of athletes endorsements in the sports industry in the UK for athletes and sportsmen
  2. The effect of women athletes on marketing campaigns
  3. The impact of social media on sports. An analysis of how teams are using Twitter to keep their fans.
  4. Combining the best of pleasure and sports: An analysis of scuba diving marketing
  5. Building solid sports marketing brands to improve international sports advertising through mainstream media channels.
  6. Role of super bowl ads in sports marketing with respect to ever-changing market-development trends.
  7. Importance of sports marketing among athletes and sports enthusiasts on the national level.
  8. Relationship between sports and entertainment marketing to engage fans from the grass-root level.
  9. Role of Advertising to increase sales of common sports goods through social media marketing.
  10. A primary study on SMEs support for sports marketing
  11. Role of segmenting the audience for effective sports marketing at a large scale
  12. A breakdown of the Average ROI of sports marketing by the million-dollar sportswear brands.
  13. A Comprehensive Guide To Sports marketing scope and future of AI to Maximize The results
  14. Why sports marketing mainstream media coverage is the new trend for 2022
  15. Sports marketing implications in Olympics on both national and international levels.
  16. Role of Brand sponsorships and events in increasing hype for the new sports-products launch

Benefits of sports marketing

Sports marketing aims to increase sales by gaining brand awareness, exposure, and exposure to your target audience. If you’re trying to convey value, this could be a great sports marketing dissertation topic to write on and inspire your readers. Sports marketing has several additional benefits, including:

Increasing customer interest

Marketing your team or league also means reaching potential customers interested in something other than your offering. Reaching out to new people and introducing them to your product increases the likelihood of them becoming paying customers.

Creating stronger relationships

Sports marketing can help companies build stronger relationships with their target audiences. Businesses, clients, and employees can benefit from this. Sports marketing can also increase brand loyalty and create an emotional connection with customers.

Increased revenues

Sports marketing strategies can generate additional income from ticket sales by increasing the hype around sports events.

Staying ahead of competitors

In the business world, it’s all about staying ahead of the competition. Sports marketing gives you a unique opportunity to do just that. You can tap into a new customer base by aligning your brand with a popular sport or team and beating out your competitors.

Bringing the audience on board

Although bringing the audience on board is a bit difficult, it is the most exciting part of sports marketing to target the correct type of audience, especially generation Z, for their immense interest in sports.

Developing a complete picture

The key to sports marketing is understanding the different types of sports consumers and developing a complete picture. Your product and services will be more accessible to market to athletes and teams once you have all that information.

If the right approach is taken, there are numerous ways to do sports marketing, including general broadcasting, advertising, marketing, and social media.

The 5 Ps of Sports Marketing

To ensure you’re on the right track with your next sports marketing strategy, consider these 5 Ps.

From product, price, and promotion to public relations and place, the 5 Ps of sports marketing can help your target your audience, create content, and use it on social media for brand building.

Track customer interests

Not only prospects, but you can also find success in sports marketing by tracking your customer’s interests. Since everyone has a different taste in sports marketing, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and choices.

As a rule of thumb, follow your customer’s actions on Facebook, Instagram, and shipping history to know what they are interested in buying.

Building brand partnerships

Building brand partnerships and sponsorships are an integral part of sports marketing. If you’re planning to create a ground-breaking strategy, use the advantage of promotional contests, brand partnerships, and sponsorship invitations to get excessive exposure from your potential customers.


Sports marketing has been around us for a long time in different forms. A business can build up the sports brand’s image and reputation with creative sports advertisements. We hope you will find the list of sports marketing dissertation topics helpful in coming up with your own dissertation.

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