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Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topic Ideas

Published by at November 15th, 2022 , Revised On November 18, 2022

The field of quantity surveying is concerned with the various facets of measurement and cost estimation in the building industry. New construction trends and approaches have emerged due to the construction industry’s recent growth.

Quantity surveyors are similar to cost managers in forecasting the costs associated with construction projects. Additionally, they prepare the building’s design and viability. Additionally, they are involved in a building’s expansion, renovation, upkeep, and demolition.

Quantity surveying is essential, which means it has more responsibility. There should be a minimal level of proficiency in this area. Construction commercial management and contract law need to be well-researched.

No lope holes should exist in it. Additionally, environmental services and construction technologies are included in the knowledge. Most suggestions for quantity surveying must be in line with the day’s demands. The concepts addressing this would be a positive development.

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List Of Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topic Ideas

1. The evaluation of several leisure options for housing developments

2. A review of building construction sector budgeting and cost management

3. Creating an estimate and budget for a moderate-sized construction project: a case study of a potential quantity surveying department

4. Influence of quality culture in Nigerian building construction projects

5. Project management services’ effects on construction projects: Gis and neural network depth interpolation comparison

6. Examining quantity surveyors’ risk management procedures in Kuwait’s construction industry

7. Analysis of the effect of feasibility and viability studies on developing capital projects in Nigeria

8. Evaluation of the variables influencing contractors’ bids for construction projects in the United Kingdom

9. The impact of labour motivation, cost, and productivity on the US construction sector

10. The effect of cost-control strategies on the completion of construction projects

11. The effect of procurement procedures on the price and timing of building

12. The function of legal evaluation in construction contract bids

13. Examining quantity surveyors’ risk management procedures in the Nigerian construction sector

14. An examination of quantity surveyors in the building industry risk management procedures

15. Impact of estimating practice on cost performance of building projects

16. Evaluating the role of quantity surveyors in sustainable infrastructure development

17. The impact of contract planning on a construction project performance evaluation of quantity surveying firms’ survival strategies in a receding economy

18. Effect of construction skilled labour shortages on Nigeria’s building sector competitiveness

19. Labour productivity’s effect on the cost performance of traditional procurement projects

20. Design variation in road construction projects: causes and effects

21. Effects of preliminary estimates on building final project accounts

22. An evaluation of how organizational culture affects the performance of European quantity surveying companies

23. Application of ecoinformatics methods to Nigeria’s vulnerable roads and buildings to manage flood

24. Analysis of the effects of feasibility/viability studies on capital project development

25. Evaluation of the factors mitigating the adequate preparation of cost estimate

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