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Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics

Published by at August 24th, 2022 , Revised On August 24, 2022

Tourism is the world’s second most important economic sector. In many countries, tourism contributes to the GDP of the country as one of the leading industries.

The more tourists visiting a country, the better its economy will be, so this growing industry is beneficial to almost all countries.
The goal of Tourism Marketing is to attract and retain tourists. Generally speaking. Tourism promotion includes all activities related to promoting tourism products and services. If you are planning to write a dissertation, there are many tourism marketing dissertation topics and ideas to get started. But before that, let us talk about this industry in detail.

Marketing for tourism aims to achieve three key objectives or goals:

  • Increasing awareness of a destination’s attractions and resources
  • Providing relevant information to encourage people to visit a destination.
  • Delivering quality tourism experiences will encourage repeat visits or longer stays.

Now that you know what tourism marketing is, you can choose marketing tourism topics because there are just many. Let’s first take a closer look at how you can increase revenue for your business.
Tourism marketers are responsible for driving your business growth and giving you a competitive edge.

It is, however, a broad field of marketing that includes a variety of subtypes for promoting tourism.
The following are some of the most common tourism marketing activities.

  • Promotion through online banners

Online banners help businesses promote their business through creative brochures and banners.

  • Promotion through written content

In tourism marketing, you can do everything from starting a blog to promoting articles to make people aware of places they may not have heard of.

  • Using emails to capture the audience

To capture a larger audience in less time, creating an email newsletter is an effective way to engage more audiences in less time and budget.

  • 4P’s marketing technique

Utilizing the 4Ps strategy is another tried and tested method for promoting tourism in a destination. A marketer uses ”product”, ”price”, ”place”, and ”promotion” to encourage tourism.

Types of Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is a broad field of study, comprising many different types and methods. The main types of tourism marketing are:

Destination Marketing

To encourage tourists to travel to a certain location, destination marketing promotes a destination or region. To increase the number of travellers to a particular attraction, it is important to pay attention to details.

Destination Development

In destination development, new attractions are created in an area that is already a tourist attraction. Adding interesting elements to an existing tourist destination is usually part of this type of tourism marketing. The process of developing a destination is also called “branding.”

Destination management

Managing the whole process, from planning the route to tracking visitors’ progress once they arrive at their destination, means taking care of everything from start to finish.

Focused Tourism Marketing.

Advertising of this type is used to promote a specific region, city, or destination. There is often promotion of a specific destination by local businesses, stakeholders, and companies. Marketing efforts must be focused on destinations with limited exposure to international travellers.

Portfolio Tourism Marketing.

Portfolio tourism marketing includes focused and broad-based campaigns and local marketing activities to increase awareness among potential visitors.

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List of Dissertation Topics For Tourism Marketing

Following is a list of some tourism marketing dissertation topics that you may want to consider during your research:

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  • Development of y9urist industry with emerging trends
  • Important factors to consider for tourism marketing
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of international tourism
  • Analysing different tourist movements and their effects.
  • Contributions of tourism in the accommodation sector.
  • Role of climate change in increasing or decreasing tourism in any region
  • Competition between different tourism destinations at the same pace.
  • Eliminating barriers in tourism marketing for both local and international tourism
  • Relationship between culture and tourism for various destinations.
  • Benefits is tourism marketing for a country’s GDP
  • Importance of eco-tourism for developing countries.
  • Basic challenges faced by tourists during travelling.
  • Spreading awareness for tourism marketing across borders
  • Importance of sports tourism to increase tourist population
  • Threats of dark tourism in underdeveloped countries.
  • Advantages of integrated marketing communication in the tourism sector.

Strategies For Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketers use a variety of strategies to do this, including:

Marketing communications:

Communication is the process of creating awareness and preference through written or verbal messages. Social media posts, advertisements, brochures, and websites are all examples of marketing materials.

Promotional activities:

Tourist attractions are promoted through events or activities designed to attract visitors. Incentives or discounts could be provided to extend a travel company’s stay, for instance.

Public relations:

Your product or service’s reputation can be improved by using public relations to inform people about it. It also includes articles written by journalists, interviews with industry experts, and press releases.

5 creative ideas to make tourism marketing successful

1. Create a creative plan

The first step to putting everything in place for your online marketing is to create a creative tourism marketing plan. Develop an effective tourism marketing plan and be a creative marketer.

2. Make advantage of influencer programs

Online social media platforms are a great way to promote a particular tourist destination with influencer marketing. If you want to promote your message through the followers of famous travel bloggers on the internet, you can pay them to do so.

3. Create detailed travel guides

There is no better way to introduce someone to a place’s beauty than with a travel guide. Contributing to the tourism industry can be accomplished by starting a travel blog or distributing travel PDFs online.

The guide should, however, be readable, informative, and creative with a lot of interesting pictures that will entice foreign and local travellers to visit the site.

4. Create Travel Videos

Creating travel videos can help make the buzz about the most spectacular destination places and help you get on the bandwagon like others. Over 67% of people learn visually online.

Video is not only the best way to show the beauty of a place but also a convenient way to sum up all the information in one place and gain more brand recognition.

5. Follow User-generated content

One of the most traditional ways to capture your target audience’s attention is by following user-generated content. Thousands of travel freaks are online, sharing their travel experiences and finding inspiration from travel bloggers.
You will have a higher chance of standing out in tourism marketing if you promote better content.


Tourism marketing is simply a form of promotion that aims to attract as many visitors as possible to a particular destination. It does not simply promote destinations; it also creates products and services that allow visitors to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country in a memorable way.

Tourism is the focus of most governments, but they neglect the importance of marketing to expand tourism with effective marketing strategies.

The tourism industry is a multifaceted one, and marketing by tourism agencies is an essential tool for growing, flourishing and making more money. We hope the above-mentioned tourism marketing dissertation topics can give you inspiration to start right away.

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