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Clinical Psychology Dissertation Topics

Published by at July 29th, 2022 , Revised On July 29, 2022

There is a rite of passage in selecting a dissertation topic in the academic world. A well-chosen subject may also lead to research questions that will keep one’s intellectual curiosity alive for years to come. You can develop a clinical psychology dissertation theme or idea by writing about a certain type of clinical experience.


We have compiled a list of some clinical psychology dissertation topics that have yet to be thoroughly researched

  • How to Identify and Differentiate Treatment-Resistant Depression?
  • Understanding the Reasons People Join the Military.
  • Comprehensive Treatment for Postpartum Mood Disorders.
  • Using a Meaning-Making Process to Cope with Death.
  • What Kind of Relationship Do Teenagers Have with Video Games?
  • Depression vs ADHD in Young Children.
  • Severe and Chronic Mental Illness and Life Quality.
  • Analyze the views of cancer patients suffering from advanced stages and their partners.
  • What therapy is available to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders?
  • What treatments and medications work best to treat addiction?
  • Describe the many medical approaches to treating insomnia.
  • Analyze the efficacy of antidepressant medications in therapeutic interventions.
  • Describe the most successful depression treatments.
  • How does post-traumatic stress disorder develop?
  • Antidepressants: are they addictive? Describe their efficacy and any possible negative effects.
  • Is behavioural therapy the ideal kind of care for offenders?
  • How could psychology be used to treat persistent pain?
  • What clinical and demographic factors cause individuals with obsessions and compulsions to have poor insight?
  • The educational process for clinical psychologists who sought out personal therapy: a narrative assessment
  • Dialysis patients’ psycho-social adjustment to their cases of renal failure and the resulting treatment
  • Within a bio-psycho-social paradigm of a psychosis episode, the experiences connected to the psycho-social formulation
  • The experiences and how they relate to eating habits in maturity
  • A cognitive paradigm for assessing major depressive disorder
  • The difficulties in communicating sexual dysfunction symptoms after a heart injury
  • What are the main causes of adult anorexia?
  • Examine major depressive disorder (MDD) in the context of cognitive theory.
  • Describe the communication obstacles caused by sexual dysfunction after cardiac trauma.
  • What relationship exists between adult eating habits and experiences?
  • Investigate the idea of body image and identity in people who have had a heart or lung transplant.
  • Describe the clinical and demographic characteristics that predict insight in people with compulsions and obsessions.
  • Define schizophrenia and list possible treatments
  • What drugs and therapies can be used to treat phobias and paranoia?
  • Describe the clinical and demographic characteristics that predict insight in people with compulsions and obsessions.


There is something mesmerizing about the human mind. By writing clinical psychology research papers, students can engage in formally conducted research or study a variety of topics including intellect, personality, addiction, relationship dynamics, and so on. You can use these clinical psychology dissertation topics.

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