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35 Best Social Psychology Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 11, 2023

A dissertation or a thesis paper is the fundamental prerequisite to the degree programme, irrespective of your academic discipline. The field of social psychology is not different.

When working on the dissertation, the students must demonstrate what they wish to accomplish with their study. They must be authentic with their ideas and solutions to achieve the highest possible academic grade.

A dissertation in social psychology should examine the influence others have on people’s behaviour. This is because the interaction of people in different groups is the main focus of the discipline. Social connections in person are the main focus of social psychology and therefore your chosen social psychology topic should be based on a real-life social experience or phenomenon.

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We have compiled a list of the top social psychology dissertation topics to help you get started.

List of Social Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. What impact do priming’s automatic effects have on complex behaviour in everyday life?
  2. The social intuitionist model examines the role that emotion and reason play in moral decision-making.
  3. Examine the lasting effects of cognitive dissonance.
  4. What psychological consequences does spanking have on kids?
  5. Describe the consequences and root causes of childhood attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  6. Explain the causes of antisocial behaviour in young people.
  7. Discuss infants’ early warning symptoms of mental disease.
  8. List the main factors that young adults most commonly experience; increased stress and depression.
  9. Describe several forms of torture in detail, emphasising how they affect children’s minds and adult lives.
  10. Describe the impact of violent video games and music on a child’s development.
  11. Talk about how the family influences early non-verbal communication in infants.
  12. Examine the scope and persistence of the variables influencing the impact of automatic priming on social behaviour.
  13. What does this mean for upholding one’s integrity and comprehending interpersonal relationships?
  14. Examine the connection between loneliness and enduring health issues.
  15. Identify several approaches to measuring older people’s social networks.
  16. Compare and contrast the types of social networks, housing, and elderly people’s health across time.
  17. The primary causes of young people’s moral decline are social influences. Discuss.
  18. Discuss what has improved our understanding of social psychology using examples from social psychology theories.
  19. What are the socio-psychological reasons and consequences of drinking alcohol?
  20. What makes some persons more attractive in social situations?
  21. Discuss how culture affects a society’s ability to be cohesive and united.
  22. Discuss how a person’s career affects their social standing in society.
  23. What psychological effects might long-term caregiving have?
  24. How ddoesa leader’s relationship and followers change under charismatic leadership?
  25. Discuss the tactics that support and thwart interpersonal harmony using the group identity theory as your foundation.
  26. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of intimate cross-cultural relationships.
  27. Examine and clarify the socio-psychological components of cults using examples.
  28. Discuss how sociocultural perceptions have an impact on socio-psychology.
  29. How has technology affected communication and interpersonal relationships?
  30. What part does religion play in bringing people together?
  31. Describe the socio-psychological impacts of dense population and crowded living.
  32. What are the effects of a child’s introverted personality on others?
  33. Explain how carelessness on the part of parents and childhood obesity are related.
  34. Study the psychological, moral, and legal ramifications of adoption.
  35. What are the corrective and preventative steps that can stop child abuse?

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Choosing social psychology dissertation topics can be frustrating. We have provided you with original dissertation topic suggestions to aid you in developing a thought-provoking and worthwhile dissertation for your degree.

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    To discover social psychology dissertation topics:

    1. Explore recent research in journals.
    2. Investigate real-world social issues.
    3. Examine psychological theories.
    4. Consider cultural influences.
    5. Brainstorm topics aligned with your passion.
    6. Aim for novelty and significance in your chosen area.

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