How to Deal with an Unhelpful Dissertation Supervisor

How to Deal with an Unhelpful Dissertation Supervisor

dealing with an unhelpful supervisor

Supervisors guide us through our academic process. They support us through our hard times and make sure that we overcome the academic obstacles. However, there may be times when things get heated between students and supervisors – when both are under pressure and looking to solve a lot of problems in little time.

Also, you might face a lot of issues when you come across a dissertation supervisor who is not willing to help, is rude at times and does not seem to understand you as a student and the challenging phase you’re going through. Before we get onto how to deal with such supervisors, let’s understand who is a Dissertation Supervisor. A dissertation supervisor helps students with their dissertation, advices them and also aids them throughout the process of their research. Thus, supervisors play a crucial role during the dissertation writing phase.

However, if you come across an unhelpful dissertation supervisor, there are some rules that will get you through this hard time. See below the rules on ‘How to Deal with an Unhelpful Dissertation Supervisor’.

Dealing with your supervsior

Rule # 1: Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key. Even if your dissertation supervisor is unhelpful and is not offering any guidance, make it a point to clearly mention all your dissertation related concerns. Communicating doesn’t harm. There might create an instance when your supervisor does pay heed to what you’re saying and offers a viable solution. Thus, keep the door of communication open at all times, and make sure to attend all meetings.

Rule # 2: Be Patient and Persistent

Getting help from a dissertation supervisor who isn’t very accommodating can be daunting to say the least. There may be times when your supervisor might not help you at all, even if you’re badly stuck with your dissertation. In times like these, try to be patient and continue with your research. Though it might be pretty difficult for you to continue in conditions like these, but there is nothing much that you can do about it. Changing supervisor or submitting an application for change of supervisor would take up a lot of your time, which you could instead invest in completing and focusing on your dissertation. Stay determined and you’ll be able to complete your dissertation successfully.


Rule # 3: Seek help from Peers

When you’re finding it hard to seek guidance from your academic supervisor, get in touch with your peers. You might not know, but there is chance that some of them might be in the same boat as yours. Talk to them about the issue you’re facing in completing your dissertation and see how they can be of help to you. Organizing a group session once in a week or two will help solve your dissertation related concerns. Discuss complicated aspects and sections of your dissertations and see how this works out for you.

Rule # 4: Don’t get Emotional

When you’re stressed and tensed about your dissertation, there are chances that you’d also get emotional. You might find no one to assist and guide you in times of need. However, to emerge successfully out of this situation, you need to make sure that you keep your emotions in control and do not let them get the best of you. Emotions will ruin your situation and you’ll gain nothing from it. Stay strong and believe in yourself.

In cases where you’re working on a PhD thesis, dealing with unhelpful supervisors becomes even more difficult. The situation intensifies because there’s a lot at stake and you might be left wondering how to deal with an unhelpful dissertation supervisor. Regardless of the situation, do not let emotions get the better of you.


Dealing with an unhelpful supervisor

Rule # 5: Stay Assertive

Staying positive during difficult times is never easy, and you need to overcome this challenge. When working on your dissertation, make sure that you’re confident of the aspects you’ve included in your dissertation, and be sure that you’re working in the right direction. In addition to this, staying positive and assertive will help you learn a new perspective as to how you can work without help and guidance. Thus, this way, even without a supervisor, you’ll be able to produce a flawless dissertation.

Dealing with an unhelpful supervisor is tough, but can be managed by following these rules. You, as a student should focus on your work and stay determined to complete your dissertation on time. Your main goal should be to produce a dissertation that is perfect as well as authentic and reliable. Thus, keep your focus on writing a dissertation that will help you achieve an ‘A’ grade.

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