How to Get Dissertation Deadline Extension – Some Practical Methods

How to Get Dissertation Deadline Extension – Some Practical Methods

dissertation deadline extension

Are you struggling to complete your dissertation on time? Wish that you had more time to write your dissertation paper to First Class standard? Thinking of writing your dissertation in a week? Not to worry – we all need help with dissertation and assignments. This article lists methods of getting a dissertation extension without having to compromise your relationship with your supervisor.

All students experience the feeling of being late for an assignment at some point during their academic career. But if the assignment in question is your dissertation then the matters become from bad to worse. If you are facing such an issue then most probably you will have two options to work with. You can either work day and night with the aid of energy drinks to get your paper completed to an acceptable level or obtain deadline extension to give yourself more time to do the research work and write your paper to the highest quality standard. This brief piece will help you get a dissertation extension and blow away your doubts.

Methods of Getting Dissertation Deadline Extension

Meet the Challenge Head On

Rather than running away from your problems it is recommend that you face the challenges head on. As soon as you realise that you will not be able to write your dissertation paper before the due deadline and need deadline extension, you should present the work you have completed so far to your supervisor and also provide a detailed plan for how you will be deadline for dissertationable to make up for the lost time. This will give the impression that you are a forward thinking person and take your academic duties seriously.

Be Appropriate

Work out a plan to know exactly how much more time you will need before asking your supervisor for deadline extension. Do not give the impression to your tutor that you have been wasting your time lately by asking for too long an extension. Briefly describe the reasons as to why you were unable to meet your deadline in the first place.

Don’t Wait Until the Eleventh Hour

If you know that you are running late and the circumstances are outside your control then ask your supervisor for deadline extension at the earliest possibility. Waiting until the eleventh hour will only create more problems for you. It should be noted that there could be plenty of genuine reasons for being granted the extension including but not limited to delay of your health issues, financial stress, part time job and family matters. Your timely action will allow you to gain your tutor’s support.

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Heavy Amount of Work

At the university level, students generally have to take different modules and courses at the same time, increasing the possibility of a deadline clash during the term time. The worst time for this situation to occur is when you are writing your dissertation paper. If you are overwhelmed with your academic deadlines and start feeling really anxious then it will be best to personally meet with your tutor to inform him of your needs. Chances are that they will extend your deadline so you can cope with the excessive workload.

Be Honest

The most effective way of getting deadline extension for your dissertation project is to be honest with your supervisor. Avoid making up lame excuses for being late because this can result in land you in even more trouble. Tell the truth and seek guidance of your supervisor. Honesty and integrity will help you to grab you supervisor’s sympathy. Make a list of points you would like to discuss with your supervisor before going to the meeting. Knowing how to convince your tutors will make it easier for you to talk confidently in front of them. It will help to throw a couple of jokes in to relieve the tension a bit. Remember that a laughing tutor is more likely to grant you the extension.

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