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October 2, 2019
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List of Abbreviations for Dissertation

List of Abbreviations in Dissertation

If your dissertation includes a lot of abbreviations, it would make sense to define all these abbreviations in a list of abbreviations in an alphabetical order.

This can really help your readers to understand jargons and specific terms which they might not be familiar with. Here is all you need to know about list of abbreviations for dissertation.

Where Can you Place the List of Abbreviations?

Abbreviations list should be placed at the start of the dissertation and right after the table of contents. The list of abbreviations should also be a part of table of contents. If you aren’t using a lot of abbreviations, there isn’t a need to include a whole list. Underneath we will guide you to define abbreviations within text.
Examples of abbreviations in list of abbreviations in dissertation

E.g.For Example

Acronyms and Abbreviations

There are various ways of placing acronyms and abbreviations in a dissertation. While using acronyms which are formed by combining the first letter of each word from a phrase, you should write that phrase in its full form and then write the abbreviation in parenthesis right after that. You can then make use of that acronym for the rest of the dissertation.

Acronyms Example in a Dissertation

I met Regional Sales Manager(RSM) of 5 different Multi-National Companies(MNC). I conducted in-depth interviews with these RSM, through which I came to know that every MNC has different strategy for its product marketing.

There are some exceptions which don’t apply to this rule which consists of popular acronyms like AI, URL, FIFA etc. You can still write the full acronym if unsure.

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APA Style of Abbreviations

If you are working with APA referencing style, there are additional and specific requirements for creating a list of abbreviations for dissertation.

Other Lists that You Can Have in Your Dissertation

In addition to the list of abbreviations, there are other lists that you can include your dissertation paper including

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