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At Research Prospect, we have expert writers in a wide range of academic subjects, including statistics. All of our Statistics writers are highly qualified with at least a Master’s degree and PhD. Our team of highly skilled writers is committed to producing high-quality statistics papers and, therefore, are reliable for customers. Shortly, it is attributed to our team of highly experienced writers who enable us to provide the UK’s most reliable academic writing service for custom essays and dissertations.

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What are the features of the qualitative dissertation statistics service?

  • Data entry and database development
  • Use of statistical methods of your choice (SEM, multiple regression, path analysis, correlation, MANCOVA, ANOVA, and more)
  • Statistical Analysis software of your choice (eViews, Matlab, STATA, SPSS, Excel, NVivo, LISREL, AMOS, EQS, and more)
  • In-depth power analysis

Academic supervisors and members of the graduate committee are particularly strict when it comes to their assessment of how the results of a dissertation are analysed. For a task as tricky as statistical analysis, students often need a helping hand.

If you feel overwhelmed by your results and the need for analysis then rest assured you are not the only one and be certain that you have come to the right place. Once you have placed your order for our dissertation statistical analysis service in the UK, you can be certain that the assigned writer will analyse every aspect of your results in statistical analysis software of your choice.

Even if you have any specific guidelines for the data analysis, the writer will comply with them. It should be noted that the data analysis requirements vary with an academic subject, academic level, academic institute, and the type of research strategies employed.

  • With our dissertation statistics service, you can be confident of having your data analysis order completed by a writer with equivalent skills and expertise.
  • All statistical analysis orders completed by our writers are checked against our strict quality control process to ensure that it is in line with the required academic standards.
  • The writer will be able to work with any statistical analysis software of your choice – SPSS, Excel, STATA, eViews, etc. All you have to do is specify your requirement.
  • The dissertation statistics data analysis service includes unlimited free revisions until you are fully satisfied with the quality of the works delivered to you.
  • The analysis will be delivered along with a free-anti plagiarism report which is produced by our in-house plagiarism checking software to confirm the work is 100% unique and free of plagiarism.

At the moment, Research Prospect is offering three types of data analysis services for the dissertation including mixed data analysis, qualitative data analysis, and quantitative data analysis.

Quantitative data analysis is one of the core competencies of our dissertation statisticians and consultants.

With our quantitative dissertation data analysis services, our dissertation statisticians will be able to help you with the following aspects of your thesis or dissertation;

Features of Our Quantitative Dissertation Statistics Service

  • Data entry and database development
  • Use of statistical methods of your choice (SEM, multiple regression, path analysis, correlation, MANCOVA, ANOVA, and more)
  • Statistical Analysis software of your choice (eViews, Matlab, STATA, SPSS, Excel, NVivo, LISREL, AMOS, EQS, and more)
  • In-depth power analysis
  • Developing a detailed and comprehensive plan to work with all aspects of the statistical analysis, database development, and use of data analysis software.
  •  Reviewing your data in detail
  •  Developing an analysis technique based on your research aim, objectives and limitations
  •  Identifying the best statistical analysis method and the best data analysis software keeping your school’s requirements in consideration
  •  Filtering the data to ensure optimized results and analysis
  •   Developing a database in an appropriate tool and entering the data
  •   Writing, proofreading and finalizing the statistical analysis section of your dissertation
  •   Amending the data analysis section as many times as needed until you are fully satisfied with the quality of the works
  •   Continuous support throughout the process so you can be confident that every bit of your requirements will be satisfied.

Our statistical analysis experts are equally capable of qualitative statistics for dissertation. Over the last several years, we have helped thousands of Master’s and Ph.D. students from across the globe by performing complete data analysis. Although this particular type of statistical analysis brings its own unique set of challenges, Research Prospect statistics consultants have the expertise and experience to help with you every aspect of qualitative data analysis including but not limited to;

Features of Our Qualitative Dissertation Statistics Service

  • Analysis of any type of qualitative data including interviews, observation, focus groups, meeting, and more)
  • Deciding on the sample size & scope
  • Developing questions for qualitative research methods such as interviews
  • Recording interview data in a format of your choice
  • Structuring the analysis as per your exact requirements
  •  Evaluation and development of analysis design
  •  Digital recording of your qualitative data but ensuring authenticity and accuracy
  •  Coding and classifying the data to increase the authenticity and precision
  •  Use of advanced statistical analysis software such as Atlas, NVivo, etc to perform qualitative data analysis. Our data analysis experts have years of experience of using such tools which ensures correct and reliable results.
  •  Use of appropriate data analysis techniques such as narrative analysis, thematic analysis, microanalysis, phenomenology, grounded theory, and more
  •  Structuring the analysis section with a focus on strategic placement of figures, charts, and tables to help you develop a strong qualitative results narrative.
  •  Interpretation of research findings in line with your research aim and objectives