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Business Ethics Dissertation Topics

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On October 10, 2023

Many students find it difficult to choose an appropriate topic for their business ethics dissertation paper because the field is complex and contains interesting and contentious issues. Furthermore, the current issues keep evolving as more and more people get involved in different enterprises.

What we know for certain is that a business cannot be conducted without ethics. In order to maintain their integrity and dependability, companies must follow an ethical code of conduct.

The purpose of a dissertation or a research paper is to assess the student’s understanding of the various issues of business ethics and propose appropriate solutions through research and writing.

Students should choose compelling and intriguing business ethics dissertation topics to ensure good grades. For those who do not know where to begin, here are some business ethics research topics to consider.

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Business Ethics Dissertation Topics

  1. Is overly high pricing and levies imposed by businesses related to corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
  2. How ethical behaviour among business managers contributes to a company’s success.
  3. The effect of deceptive advertising techniques on consumer trust.
  4. The impact of discrimination and gender bias on worker performance inside a business.
  5. How higher education institutions use ethics in their hiring procedures.
  6. Difficulties in implementing ethical business practices, which are necessary for the growth of sustainable tourism.
  7. Should businesses that benefit from other people’s risk be permitted to continue operating? A case study of unhealthy items sold by cigarette and alcohol manufacturers on the American market.
  8. Case study on business ethics; a quick analysis of Facebook’s privacy and surveillance violations.
  9. Examine child labour as an unethical practice and a source of cheap labour.
  10. Women face discrimination at work and are frequently seen as sex symbols.
  11. Describe how you, as a business manager, could stop this.
  12. Examine the concept of honesty in business ethics.
  13. Examine privacy violations on social media as a breach of company ethics.
  14. How does a company’s inadequate environmental management affects consumer loyalty and trust?
  15. A study on the conflict between publication incentives and business research.
  16. How does an organisation’s profit incentive affect the quality of its products?
  17. The effects of worker exploitation on the industrial market
  18. The usefulness of academic theories of business ethics in real-world corporate settings.
  19. Approach to publishing industry ethics in author sponsorship deals.
  20. Using ethics to guide decision-making in the context of internet commerce.
  21. A comparison of how business ethics are taught in rich and developing countries higher education institutions.
  22. Apply business ethics to determine how much a corporation must invest in health, maternity, and other benefits when moving to a foreign nation.
  23. Is it morally acceptable for businesses to be completely upfront with their target market?
  24. Is it moral for employers to use birth control to prevent workplace pregnancies?
  25. A thorough analysis of the impact on society and the economy of illicit activities like corruption, bribery, nepotism, and overpricing of contracts.
  26. An analysis of a case study including sexual harassment and other unethical behaviour in commercial companies.
  27. The several moral conundrums that contemporary corporate firms must choose between.
  28. Components of a shared ethical responsibility culture between a company and employees.
  29. How do corporate ethics affect employees’ mental health?
  30. Corporate crime and white-collar crime characteristics in modern business.
  31. Teaching personnel from various ethnic origins a shared code of conduct.
  32. Things that multinational corporations should take into account while creating their environmental policies in various nations.
  33. The need for ethics in good corporate governance, item number.
  34. Personal and professional conduct in connection to work ethics, moral conduct, and workplace crisis management.
  35. The importance of ethics in the management and prevention of disputes in the workplace
  36. Businesses in the industrial and production sectors have made major contributions to pollution and global warming.
  37. Explain the many breaches and ethical violations such firms have committed from the business ethics perspective in the paragraph.
  38. What does corporate social responsibility (CSR) entail? Describe the numerous ways that businesses can implement CSR.
  39. The connection between pharmaceutical corporations’ gift-giving practices and corporate ethics.

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The field of business ethics entails establishing the moral rules that govern an organisation’s conduct or administration. Changing business practices are eroding ethical principles over time. Academics must study business ethics to determine its causes, benefits, and effects.

Our assistance in finding good thesis topics will require you to choose an original topic that deals with ethically contentious issues. Our dissertation writing experts can assist you in navigating the moral dilemmas of today in the form of a dissertation paper. We will provide appealing business ethics dissertation topics to help you achieve the highest possible grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Here are 5 great Business Ethics Dissertation Topics:
1. Ethical Decision-Making in Corporate Governance
2. Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Business
3. Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Business
4. Whistleblowing and Ethical Accountability in Organizations
5. Corporate Social Responsibility in a Globalized World.

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