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Why Students Struggle With Essay Writing

Published by at August 19th, 2021 , Revised On August 23, 2023

Writing comes naturally for some of us. Students with good essay writing skills have words flow into sentences, sentences, paragraphs, and paragraphs into an essay or dissertation. However, for many students, writing is tedious work they want to avoid.

If you are struggling with essay or dissertation writing, rest assured you are not the only student facing this problem. But it’s important to understand the reasons for your essay, coursework, exams, or dissertation writing failures to put your academic life back on track.

Here, we discuss and attempt to figure out the causes as to why are so many students struggling with essay writing.

In the unfortunate event that you have already failed coursework, dissertation, essay, or exam, we have compiled comprehensive guidelines on what you could do to improve your situation.

Reasons Why Students Struggle with Essay Writing

Before we shed light on the obscure causes of students finding it hard to deal with essay and coursework writing, let us look into the more apparent causes. Research studies have confirmed that writing and reading are reciprocal processes. Apart from providing professional writing guidelines to students, we also provide professional writing services, i.e. essay services, coursework writing services and dissertation writing services.

If you read regularly enough, your writing will improve by leaps and bounds. Likewise, your writing improves your reading significantly. Many students apprehend the importance of this relationship as they read complicated transcripts and texts to improve their writing abilities.

But not all students can comprehend this relationship between reading and writing, and eventually, writing becomes a continuous struggle for them. Debbie Lee, in her article published on Educator Community (2017), states that;

“To write, we use many parts of our brain at the same time as well as the kinesthetic process of writing. For many students, especially those with language or fine motor skill delays, the task of writing is challenging.”

Poor Mechanical & Content Skills

In the same article, Debbie argued that students with poor processing and poor content and mechanical skills often struggle with essay writing. The most notable processing skills that many students would often lack include fluent development of ideas, language formulation and ideation, and active working memory.

Content and mechanical skills that are essential for any student to be good at writing are as follows;

  • Expressing ideas
  • Organising ideas
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalisation
  • Basic Spelling & Vocabulary
  • Automatic Letter Formation
  • Clarity of Expression
  • Speed
  • Use of appropriate grammar in essay
  • Different styles of essay writing
  • Flexibility in the writing process
  • Understanding the viewpoint from the text in books
  • Lack of enthusiasm and passion

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When you consider all of the above underlying skills that students should master to become proficient writers, you can understand how frustrating it can be. Perhaps, it also explains why most students prefer not to write their papers and get experienced writers to write.

No Right Answers When You Are Inexperienced

Unable to find what the right answer to a particular problem question is? Many students end up scratching their heads around the basic question they must answer as part of their essay or dissertation assignment.

While every other skill student learns the right way to do it, it can be hard to figure out the correct way to write an essay because most of us approach writing naturally and emotionally.

But let it be clearly stated here that the right or correct way of writing an essay does exist if your supervisor or tutor is not teaching the essay writing structures for different types of essays, dissertations, and research papers, you are not getting the help you deserve, and the confidence needed to jump into an assignment writing task.

To produce a high-quality essay paper, you need to learn to be good at brainstorming, writing the essay outline, and developing the rough draft and the final copy because that is how you will improve your writing skills.

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Fear of Failure

Have so many questions in mind before writing even a word of your assignment? What is the question I need to address? What is the objective of this assignment? Which academic sources should I use as reference material? What should be the structure of the essay? What abilities and skills will I be graded on? What writing style must I follow?

These questions and many more could swarm around in your mind. Don’t worry, Don’t Panic. Don’t Be Overwhelmed! It’s normal to have so many questions. It’s completely normal to fear failure, especially if you haven’t had much writing experience in your previous academic years.

If you haven’t been taught about the writing and structuring processes (yes, a range of writing structures and styles exist), it can be pretty hard to get going. The fear of failure will stay with students if they do not provide help on creative writing rules and the different types of essay writing structures.

For example, this is an article on how you structure a dissertation paper.

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The essay writing tips in this blog post aim to help readers establish why they struggle to write a first-class essay or dissertation paper that meets academic expectations. The post directly aims to help students experiencing writing difficulties in achieving the grade they desire despite their writing limitations.

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