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How to Develop Essay Topic Ideas

Published by at August 16th, 2021 , Revised On August 22, 2023

Stuck with your essay? Not sure where to begin? Before you start writing an essay, you will need to have a good topic to write about. Choosing a topic for an essay can be time-consuming, especially if you have many ideas popping up in your mind.

This article will provide you with the necessary guidelines for your essay’s ideas, which can help you finalise your research topic.

Guidelines for Generating Essay Topic Ideas

Think Out of the Box

There are no specific techniques for generating ideas rather, and you are more likely to come up with a great essay idea as you let the ideas flow in your mind. Try to avoid using conventional ways to generate topic ideas for your essay.

It doesn’t matter how you get to an idea because what matters most is determining whether the idea fulfils your essay assignment’s requirements.

When we think of great ideas that acted as a stepping stone in the world of science, we will realize that all those ideas didn’t appear to be realistic at that moment in time.

For instance, Newton didn’t know about the Law of Gravity; what made him think and propose the law was the incident of an apple falling from a tree.

Move From General Ideas to Specific

There is less probability that you will come up with great essay topic ideas right away. Initially, you will think of some general problems in your area of study before you can discover a more specific topic.

After careful filtration of your early ideas, you will be able to shift towards a few specific essay titles gradually.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by the Process

It would be best if you gave yourself the liberty to make mistakes during this stage. Being overwhelmed will hinder the process of idea generation.

You might come up with some strange ideas initially; that’s where you need to be patient and keep working with the ideas. Perceiving your ideas to be unnecessary or uninteresting will obstruct the flow of ideas in your mind.

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Let the Ideas Flow

Don’t get over-excited by the first idea that captures your interest. That idea may appear to be really interesting, but you could find that it does not suit your needs upon probing the merits and demerits.

Make sure you don’t get stuck to just one idea. Rather, create a list of several ideas in your area of study. Getting stuck to just a single idea will certainly get you out of focus, and you may overlook other options in your essay topic ideas.

Analyse your Ideas Critically

Once you know about the topics that fascinate you, it might be problematic to choose to pursue. Try to critically analyse your chosen ideas and see what possible difficulties you can encounter while writing the essay. Choosing a topic that is interesting as well as manageable is the key to success in this regard.

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Choose an Idea you Enjoy Writing About

You wouldn’t be able to come up with a good essay unless you didn’t enjoy the topic. The topic for an essay must be chosen based on your own interests so that you enjoy writing about it.

You will need to have a personal liking for the topic chosen. This will allow you to write smoothly without making the work tedium and lethargic for yourself.

If you haven’t been able to find any interesting topic among the essay topic ideas, pick the topic you find least boring. Or you can always get help from an essay expert.

Don’t Forget to Make Notes.

Ideas won’t be flowing in your mind all the time. It is likely that you would be coming up with ideas in unusual times, i.e., falling asleep in the night or during the workout session in the gym.

Ensure that you jot down all these ideas and consider them later while looking for an essay topic. So making notes will be a beneficial practice.

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Some Strategies to Find a Great Topic

Discuss Ideas

Sharing your ideas with a friend or colleague can help you in figuring out which idea can work best for you. You can further consult or discuss with your instructor/teacher, as he can guide you in a better way.


This technique allows you to write down as many ideas as you can without doing any desk-based research. You need to think of the topic by just considering the knowledge or information your mind already holds. Make sure that you keep your concentration spot on when employing this strategy.

Freestyle Writing

This method is somewhat similar to the brainstorming method, but you will need to time-limit yourself. The idea of freestyle writing includes the exercise of writing freely about any topic.

A good tactic is to give yourself 2-3 minutes of time for each topic. Make sure that you don’t stop writing unless the designated time finishes.

It doesn’t matter how foolish or strange your content seems to be, because once you evaluate your essay writing piece, it might enable you to finalise a suitable topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The five parts of an essay are:

  1. Introduction: Presents the topic and thesis statement.
  2. Body paragraphs: Develops and supports main ideas with evidence.
  3. Topic sentences: Introduces the focus of each paragraph.
  4. Transitions: Connects ideas and paragraphs smoothly.
  5. Conclusion: Summarizes key points and restates the thesis.

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