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How to Write a Great Essay Conclusion

Published by at August 18th, 2021 , Revised On August 23, 2023

The conclusion is perhaps the most underrated and critical section of an academic essay. Regardless of the type of essay you writing, you will want to end it so that your readers can grasp the whole idea of it just by reading the concluding paragraph (s).

While the primary purpose of an essay conclusion is to summarise the most important points which you have already discussed in the essay introduction and main body, it should also aim to;

  • Establish connections between the central points of your essay.
  • Demonstrate why there was a need to investigate the topic further.
  • Show why your arguments and analysis will add value to the existing knowledge.
  • Provide readers with a deeper insight into the implications of your work.

Example Essay Conclusion

The following example of an essay conclusion has been taken from an essay; Should students have mobile phones in elementary school?

Frequently Asked Questions

A strong essay conclusion:

  1. Summarizes key points concisely.
  2. Restates the thesis.
  3. Provides closure to the topic.
  4. Offers broader insights or implications.
  5. Leaves a lasting thought or question.
  6. Ensures a cohesive and impactful ending.

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