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Organisational Templates for Essays

Published by at August 17th, 2021 , Revised On August 22, 2023

This article provides information on general templates for essays and useful tips to use these templates for your essay effectively.

While this article does not provide a template for all types of academic essays, it entails enough information that you will be able to figure out which template you should base your own essay on at the end of reading this article.

Structure of Template for Commonly Used Essays

There are no specific ways of constructing the structure of an essay. Patterns of an essay’s organization not only depend on the writing style, but it varies from one paragraph to another, even in a single piece of writing.

There is no hard and fast rule in deciding which pattern you should base your essay on because this depends on multiple factors, including the type of essay or the message you want to convey to the reader.

Various types of templates can be used for the organisation of an essay. Below we will discuss some of the most commonly used patterns for structuring an academic essay.

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General to Specific

This pattern is utilised when the essay demands you to showcase in-depth information. Such a template for an essay can be included where a specific theory needs to be discussed, and the focus of the essay revolves around a specific point.

As the name itself suggests, the writer starts the essay on a general statement, thus providing necessary background information of the essay, which acts as a pretext in the context of an essay and sets the stage for the precise idea to be presented.

As the reader tends to understand the context of the topic based on the initial discussion, the writer compels the reader towards the essay’s main argument.

As background information needs to be placed at the start of the essay, make sure that you don’t include anything unnecessary or irrelevant. Keeping your essay full of relative content will present your essay to readers in a professional manner.

A major pitfall in this regard is to keep focused on the relevant data while writing general descriptions. Ensure that the descriptions correlate with the last part of your essay, where you will guide your reader to a specific point.

It would help if you mentioned clearly how your background information is related to the main argument. Many essayists can complete both sections of the essay successfully but fail to make a vivid connection between them.

Upon reaching the last section, readers should be able to clearly figure out how you have established the relationship between the background information and the essay’s main argument.

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Essays are sometimes structured based on the cause-and-effect relationship. These relationships reflect how an event’s occurrence caused affect another factor (s). The cause-and-effect organization, also known as the chronological organization, is self-explanatory in nature.

When an author states why an event occurred, he/she is discussing the cause of the event. On the contrary, when an author is writing about the result of an action, they are actually describing the effects of a cause.

This organisation’s pattern usually includes events to be discussed in the manner they have occurred in a sequence.

Compare and Contrast

This is one of the toughest essay templates to master, yet it is critical. This organisation pattern is mostly used in essays where an assessment of a model is required, i.e., to evaluate a theory of science or criticise English literature.

You must be aware that comparing and contrasting includes similarities and differences, where a comparison is made based on the similarities. In contrast, contrast is being assessed based on the differences between multiple subjects.

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Problem and Solution

This form of organisation is used in essays involving a problem statement, and the author must suggest an appropriate solution to eradicate the issue. Use this pattern when you have to develop a problem in your essay and find a concrete solution in an orderly manner.

To address the problem, identify a theory related to the problem to provide reasonable methods to solve it. After careful consideration, select a method that is most appropriate for the best result.

The problem and solution must be placed in a sequence to keep the writing balanced and structured. The writing piece must start with a problem that needs to be followed by logical and achievable methods to solve that problem.

Upon successful evaluation of these methods, you would be able to extract suitable solutions. This information should be briefly discussed in the initial part of the essay.

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Order of Importance

The writer tends to categorize the essay by prioritising the subjects upon their value or importance. The essay can be structured either way, from the least important point to the most important one or vice versa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organizational structure in essay writing refers to the arrangement of content. It includes an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and a conclusion. This structure ensures logical flow, coherence, and clarity in presenting ideas, enhancing the essay’s effectiveness.

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