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5 Steps of the Research Process

Choosing your topic; the first step you take to start the research process is to select an interesting and manageable topic considering your limitations. If the topic you choose is too broad, then make sure to narrow it down. Browse our topics library here!

Formulate the research problem; once you have chosen a topic for your research, the next step would be to determine the exact problem your research would address. It is vitally important to define a research problem to give purpose and focus to your research. Try and solve a practical issue that is of critical importance to a specific group, organisation, or society.

Develop research questions; next, write research questions based on the problem statement. The purpose of the research questions is to inform the readers of precisely what you want to investigate. Research questions can be formulated by enlightening, assessing, equating, and describing the research problem. Depending on your research topic, you may also have to develop a hypothesis and a conceptual framework.

Formulate a research design; a research design is a practical framework to demonstrate how to find answers to the research questions. It includes decisions about what type of data you will need to gather and methods of analysis suitable to your needs, keeping in mind the time and monetary constraints.

Write a Proposal; the final step is to write a research proposal if you are working on a larger project such as a dissertation or a thesis. The research proposal provides a plan, purpose, relevance, and context to your study and involves a literature review and proposed methodology.

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