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INCOTERMS, Ex (ExW), Free (FOB, FCA), Cost (CPT, CIP), Delivery (DAP, DAT, DDP)

INCOTERMS 2010 refers to the latest collection of essential international commercial and trade terms. These specific terms were formulated for the acknowledgment of non-uniform standard trade

Paper type: Assignment

Academic subject: Law

Academic level: Masters

Marketing Plan for “B Airlines”

B Airlines is looking to expand its operations in the European holiday industry by opening up new routes to new locations. The company is looking to expand its fleet and offer customers short breaks.

Paper type: Assignment

Academic subject: Marketing

Academic level: Undergraduate

Global Marketing Strategies

Global marketing is defined as a process through which a company influences its existing and potential customers to purchase the goods and services offered by the company.

Paper type: Assignment

Academic subject: Marketing

Academic level: Masters

Management and Organisation in Global Environment

Globalization is considered as the major indicator of growth in commerce and trade sector. The companies are maximizing their profits by going global and utilizing the benefits of globalization.

Paper type: Assignment

Academic subject: Managment

Academic level: Undergraduate

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