Website Development Project

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Terms of Reference:


Residents of Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester who seek online services for fixing, repairing and maintenance services at their home.

Organization Introduction:

Mr. Fixit is a start-up virtual company (setting up a physical office in Nottingham). Being established in 2021, Mr. Fixit is owned by a postgraduate students’ group. The company aims to provide a convenient, reliable and easy access to home maintenance and improvements using the online website (promoting this field in the e-commerce industry). Based on modern household requirements, Mr. Fixit is intending to design a website that can supply the skilled and reliable tradesman for carrying out the home improvement and maintenance projects, ‘using a single click’. This idea of Mr. Fixit is unique as the best price quotes will be available online within minutes and the clients can choose a cost-efficient option within a wide range of tradesmen. Through the online services of Mr. Fixit, the website will be designed in such a manner that consumers may utilise their matching services to locate the perfect individual for the task, and vendors can pick which jobs they want to work on.

Project Background:

According to Age UK (2021), locating the services for home improvement and maintenance in UK is very challenging because it is very costly and less reliable to ask for home improvement and maintenance services to private vendor companies. Moreover, in this pandemic situation (caused by COVID-19 outbreak), the markets are closed and a significant need of this service is highlighted due to inconvenience. In this regards, the project aims to provide a more reliable, easy and cost effective method for recruiting tradesman through an online website (based on the expertise); additionally, the project will allow the vendors to select the most appropriate job for themselves. The project intends to reduce the unemployment caused by the market hindrances in this pandemic.


With a significant uprising trend of e-commerce industry, the last two decades has revolutionized the world through internet and online services. The success of the businesses in the recent times is highly reliant on the appearance in this digitalized era. Thus, Mr. Fixit is aligning its strategy as per the market demands to enhance the living standards of Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester through online availability of home improvement services. In the pandemic caused recession, this project is capable of getting huge attention from the users in the mentioned cities and Mr. Fixit can gain a significant reputation in the market.

Project Deliverables and Inclusion:

The different deliverables and possible inclusions in the website development project for Mr. Fixit would include;

  • Creation of user-friendly interface.
  • Designing a pleasing and attractive website using graphics.
  • A separate tab for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Provision of a platform to interact directly with the customer service.
  • A complete profile addition for the vendors and the clients before ordering (setting up an account).
  • Prioritizing vendors and clients, using the feedback.
  • Regularly updating the website to provide updated content.

Project Exclusions:

Following are the exclusions for the website development project;

  • Navigation to the personal information of stakeholders without consent.
  • Advertisements on the website.
  • Taking a subscription fee from vendors.
  • Setting up prices for tasks to keep prices in control.


The key objectives of this project very well defined for making this project successful using effective approach. The following are objectives for this project;

  • Using an internet website to reduce the hassle of the home improvement sector
  • Developing a very user-friendly platform with 24/7 support for house maintenance.
  • Establishing a group of dozens of home renovation vendors in the Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester.
  • Offering a variety of home renovation options and cost-effective tradesmen to clients.

Duration and Milestones:

Major Tasks Dates
Project Defining and Planning 18/10/2021
Project Initiation 05/11/2021
Designing Phase 25/11/2021
Making Compatibility 03/12/2021
Developing the website 20/12/2021
Testing the outcomes 13/01/2022
Launching the project 28/01/2022

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Other Constraints:


As this project is based on developing a website; thus no physical component or equipment is required for the development. However, the human force is required such as developers, designers and programmers to make this project successful.


The total cost of this website development project is estimated to be GBP 11,000. This cost will include the difference phases such as programming, developing, testing, graphic designing, and trouble shooting. The actual cost of the project is expected to be GBP 8000 but in case the cost overruns, additional GBP 3000 are allocated to complete the project within proposed time.


In case of reducing the overall cost of website development, there is a risk that overall quality of the website might be reduced (like the poor graphics, or lack of options for the vendors or clients). In addition, the pandemic caused restrictions can also adversely affect the quality of the project because the direct interaction between all the stakeholders is not possible and through online means, it is difficult to communicate the ideas on each phase. So, a comprehensive and detailed communication plan is very essential to interact efficiently and deliver an excellent product.

Legal Challenges:

As the website development is legal in majority of the countries and cities; however, some countries, states and cities have restricted the availability of online services. In those areas, this project might not be successful and may lead to huge challenges for Mr. Fixit.


The limited time frame for the successful implementation of this project is another constraint that might affect this project adversely. The total of 13 weeks are technically enough for the complete website development; however, the uncertainty caused by pandemic may affect the timeline of the project.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Fixit Team
  • Residents of Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Developers
  • Programmers

Critical Success Factors:

To make this project successful and profitable for the stakeholders involved in it, the project must;

  1. Be completed on time and within budget.
  2. Ensure a better reach out to customers in the market with prices that are lower than current rates.
  3. Allow for convenient and reliable medium to target a handsome market.

Ensure a high quality service for the residents to make this platform more successful using the word-of-mouth (WOM).

Business Case

Overall Purpose:

As the pandemic has caused huge uncertainty for the business sector and home renovation/ improvement and maintenance related industry is also affected adversely, thus there was a need of an online service for home improvement. This project is filling that void in the industry by providing an easy accessible and very effective online platform for home improvement services that will purely base on the demand of vendors and clients.


The main product of this project is an online platform/ medium for the residents of the Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester, who are unable to go to the market for home improvement services. According to Statista (2021), the total share of businesses that uses the online services in UK are increasing abruptly and in 2021, 58% of the total service industry businesses are present online. Thus, this product will get the attention of the home improvement service industry and can become a huge turnaround for this industry in the near future.


For making a successful impact in the market, Mr. Fixit has developed a strategy to introduce this online service to its potential customers in the prescribed areas. The initial plan is to highlight the deliverables of this project as it would make clear about who are the key stakeholders of this project. Then, the strategy is to provide benefit for each stakeholder involved in this project such as vendors, clients, company, developers, programmers, and designers. Only it will allow the stakeholders to actively engage in delivering the project successfully, but also it would enhance the quality of the website. After making the project successful, the marketing of this service will not be paid using any traditional marketing method. Besides, a social media will help marketing this online service, which is more effective (Bajpai et al., 2012), because the pandemic caused recession has increased the use of social media, enormously. This can be a very unique and cost-effective approach after launching the project to make it successful.


It is entirely the leader ’s responsibility to successfully cooperate with the program management has the ability to drive the project effectively and develop a very attractive website commodity in terms of cost and design. In addition, a sizable percentage of the profits can be distributed to all of the project’s investors, sponsors, and contributors to encourage them to invest again in the future.

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