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Vulnerable Children and ‘Dasadvantaged Families’

A vulnerable child can be defined as an individual under the age of 18 years and is at great peril due to a lack of satisfactory protection and care (Field, 2010).

Similarly, according to Adam Swift’s Philosophy Bites Podcast on parental partiality, it was analyzed that there is a huge difference between poor and normal children; children belonging to poor families have fewer opportunities in every aspect of life compared to children born in wealthy families.

According to Field (2010), children facing difficult situations in routine are likely to get involved in unhealthy activities that lead them to live their life in unfavorable conditions as they are facing in the present (Field, 2010).

The podcast explains the imbalance between poor and rich children that Adam Swift has answered. He admitted that they have researched that poverty changes the lives of children dramatically, falling towards worst conditions; among them, one of the major issues was either the bad quality of education or no education at all to children that affect their present and upcoming life adversely.

Field (2010) indicated that the birth rate is significantly higher, but the education rate is the lowest. The report enlightened the major issues of poverty and several measures that should be taken to prevent poor children from becoming poor adults by providing quality education rather than private education at home.

A pre-school idea has also been disclosed by Field (2010) as a measure to eliminate poverty and improve their upbringing in the same environments and surroundings to secure their future by maintaining a well-educated and responsible personality.

Disadvantaged families face problems like mental or physical disability or lack of economic support and money. As described by Field (2010), it has been founded that these families are used to tackle the most crucial situations as even basic needs of life are not available to them.

They mainly face a shortage of money as their income is less than the minimum income required to fulfill their basic needs. Disadvantaged families face issues of low literacy rate, poor living standard, and unhygienic conditions. According to the report, it is evident that if a family is disadvantaged, they are likely to lack self-esteem and actualization because of illiteracy and fewer etiquettes.

Moreover, these families do not provide proper attention to their children because it is more important for them to earn and feed their children rather than educating them.

Due to this, they also become irresponsible for securing the future because they are busy securing their present. These families even require their children to earn or beg instead of getting an education because their basic need is food and not education (Field, 2010).

Powerful masses of society can bring positive change for these families by implementing strategies that help these families find food and basic education.


Field, F., 2010. The Foundation Years: preventing poor children from becoming poor adults, The Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances report. The Stationery Office.

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