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Assignment Sample

Discipline: Sociology

Quality: Approved / Passed


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Construction

Quality: 1st / 78%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Accounting & Finance

Quality: 2:1 / 69%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Bio-Medical

Quality: 1st / 76%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Statistics

Quality: 1st / 73%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Health and Safety

Quality: 2:1 / 68%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Business

Quality: 2:1 / 67%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Medicine

Quality: 2:1 / 66%


Assignment Sample

Discipline: Religion Theology

Quality: 2:1 / 64%

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Assignments are an integral part of your academic success. They are usually used to assess your knowledge related to the same subject you are studying.

Assignments can be of different types. They can be essays, annotated bibliographies, a stand-alone literature review, reflective writing, etc. Regardless of the kind of assignment you are assigned, there is a specific structure that you need to follow.

However, before focusing on the structure, you should first plan out your assignment. This means that you should create an outline that will help you complete your assignment according to your school’s guidelines and instructions.

To create an outline, focus on the essential aspects that need to be included in your assignment. Pay attention to your assigned task and evaluate critical points that should be formed based on your understanding of the designated assignment.

If it is a research-based task, you should discuss your aims and objectives, research method, and results. On the other hand, if it is an argumentative essay, the discussion must support arguments to address the thesis statement.

Construct your assignment according to the different sections of the outline. You can review our assignment samples to understand how an assignment should be written.

Notice the use of headings to divide sections to enhance the clarity of your assignment. Including headings clarifies the point that you are trying to convey.

Our assignment samples can also help you to understand the structure of an assignment. The basic structure of an assignment is divided into three parts; introduction, discussion, and conclusion.

However, it is recommended to follow the structural guidelines provided by your tutor to avoid any confusion.

For instance, our masters’ sample of assignment uses many headings and sub-headings. On the other hand, undergraduate assignments are short and present a statistical analysis only.

If you’re still wondering how to write an assignment, we’re here to help! Our team of writers will guide you through writing your assignment, including all essential elements in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Our team of writers is hand-picked, with rigorous tests to check their qualifications and writing skills. We make sure that the writers are qualified for the work that is assigned to them.

Don’t worry! Excluding Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve, we work seven days a week. Weekends are usually included in the delivery schedule.