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Uncertain about how to write an essay? Curious to figure out what the introduction, main body and conclusion section should consist of? Which essay structure and style should you choose? If these are the questions you are wondering, then there is still no need to cut corners.

For those who have spent enough time around elders, you’ve likely heard the phrase ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat,’ and you know what, the same dogma can be applied to essay assignments.

Below you will find comprehensive guidelines on how to write structure an essay, the types of essays, the length of an essay, and how to put together the different pieces of an essay, including the topic, thesis statement, introduction, topic sentences, paragraphs, transitions, main body, and the conclusion.


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How to Write an Essay

Uncertain about how to start your essay? Curious to figure out what the introduction and conclusion chapters should consist of ?



Difference between Essays & Reports?

Learn what is the difference between essays and reports so you can work out why and you should prefer one form of writing over the other.



What Are Topic Sentences?

What are topic sentences? In academic writing they briefly describe what a paragraph will explore. Here is all you need to know about topic sentences.


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