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A report is a written expression of facts and investigated information as opposed to an essay that presents arguments according to the author’s position on the topic.

The structure of a report is similar to a dissertation. It includes an objective, background information regarding the chosen topic, a description of the method that will be utilized to carry out the research, discussion of the results, and a conclusion.

This is a standard structure that must be followed, with a little variation depending on your tutor’s guidelines and instructions. More sections can be added depending on the type of report you are writing.

To make sure that all required sections are present in your report, we have provided several report writing samples on our website.

These samples are a guide to help you comprehend how reports should be written and what aspects should be included. When you go through our samples, you will get a clear idea as to how a report should be divided into different segments, and what headings, subheadings should be included.

Our academic report samples are designed for students seeking help to correctly structure their report. Academic reports follow a specific structure; thus, you should make sure that all essential elements are included in the final report.

Other aspects that you need to focus on while writing your report is the language, your writing style, and tone. Make use of simple language and keep your sentences crisp and short.

This will ensure that the information is passed on in an effective manner without getting the reader confused. Your tone should be formal throughout the report.

Make use of tables, charts, graphs, etc. to present your analysis and get important information across to the readers. Using graphics and visuals is one of the best ways of representing facts, figures, and statistics.

Review our report samples to understand better how graphics should be used and where they should be placed in your report. If you have additional visuals that you cannot include in the main body, you can place them in the appendices section.

Lastly, do not forget to cite the sources and format your report according to your institution’s guidelines. Presentation and clarity of data carry separate marks, thus failing to accurately format and present your analysis will result in a low score. Follow our report writing samples if you need a refresher on how to format and structure your report.

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