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Frequently Asked Questions About Dissertation Outline

A dissertation is the last and most important task required to complete for your degree program. It requires you to conduct your independent and original research on a topic approved by your tutor. A dissertation consists of five chapters – introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion. This is the standard structure of a dissertation unless stated otherwise by your tutor or institution.

Choosing a dissertation topic is the first step towards writing a dissertation. However, what you should make sure is that the topic is relevant to your degree program, discusses or investigates a recent problem, and contributes to existing literature.

The research topic you choose should be such that it interests you and helps you research a real-world problem. To get some ideas about your possible dissertation topic, you can get help from our dissertation experts. They will suggest several topics you can choose a suitable one for your dissertation.

When selecting and finalising a topic for your dissertation, ensure there is sufficient existing literature and research to back up your study. Secondly, the topic you choose should solve a current problem or cover an existing literature gap. Finally, the chosen topic should be interesting to keep you motivated throughout the process. Once you’ve finalised your topic, you will have to submit it to your tutor for approval.

After receiving approval on your dissertation topic, you will have to start working on your dissertation outline. This outline should be thorough and include a summary of all the essential elements of a dissertation. This will help readers understand what the study intends to achieve and how the research will be carried out.

A dissertation outline includes an introduction section, information from past sources in the form of a short literature review, the research method used, the expected outcome, and a list of references.

Start working on the first chapter, i.e., the introduction. This should talk about your topic, provide background information, state your research aims and objectives and research questions. Check our dissertation outline samples to understand the required sections of the various sections of an outline.

The second section – literature review – should discuss relevant models, frameworks, and concepts. You should back up all your claims by referring to past researches. Accurate and authentic citation in this section is necessary. When referring to past studies, make sure that your references are not too old. We recommend using studies that were conducted in the past five or six years. Any study older than this is deemed outdated or obsolete.

The third section of a dissertation outline is the research methodology. This chapter talks about the research method that you intend to undertake to complete your study. Be clear and provide a rationale to justify the research method that you’ve chosen. Additionally, specify the research tools and instruments that you plan to use.

Use our dissertation outline samples If you need guidance regarding these tools and instruments. Lastly, do not forget to add a reference list to your outline. You will be using various sources to conduct your research; thus, all of them should be mentioned in this list. Furthermore, make sure that you have formatted your reference list and dissertation outline according to your university’s guidelines.

Are you having trouble getting your dissertation topic approved? Or are you facing problems while putting together a dissertation outline? Get in touch with us, and our writers will help you with your dissertation topic selection and outline writing.