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Analysis of the Upcoming Incidents and Outcomes of the Brexit Deal and its Impact on the UK’s Economy Targeting the Import and Export Majorly


Research Background and Questions

The import and export processes grapple with the Brexit deal’s implications between the UK-EU, most notably the UK and the EU, whose supply chains and trade routes are connected. The most remarkable outcome of this deal claims that the services and products which travel between the UK-EU will face the delay, most expensive and even will not be available later ( Kordos, 2019). The research questions for this particular research are as follows:

  1. What are the significant outcomes and anticipated incidents after the Brexit deal, and how will the UK and EU businesses overcome the economic challenges?
  2. What effect will the Brexit deal have on the import and export operations of major companies present in the UK, and how will this pause in international trade impact the UK’s economy?

Research Aims and Objectives

This project aims to identify the upcoming strategies of businesses and large corporations in the UK in response to the Brexit deal. The primary objective of the study is to assess the upcoming challenges expected to be faced by the EU and the UK’s companies while importing and exporting their products and services as a result of international trade. The proper secondary research aims to investigate this deal’s impact on the UK’s economy due to paused imports and exports for a particular period.

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Anticipated Outcomes and Significant Issues

The primary issue while conducting this research could be that there is not enough data available regarding the problems faced by the UK economy in the break of imports and exports due to the Brexit deal. This research will be more comprehensive if already present literature could support the hypothesis of this study which is not possible currently because this deal has just got operational in January 2021. However, the expected result of this research is that this study will succeed in identifying the significant reasons behind the deal and the upcoming incidents which could shape the businesses’ strategies accordingly. Through this research, the overall impact on the import and export across borders of the EU and the UK will be assessed, and studying the economic impact will also be accessible.

Literature Review

According to Hantzsche et al., 2019, the UK has left the customs union and European single market. The businesses should prepare themselves for new custom realities at the borders. Moreover, it is suggested that all the UK companies doing business with the EU are warned to anticipate significant slowdowns and administrative oversight in response to the procedural shifts at the ports of entry in the EU ( Dhingra et al., 2016). Another study focusing on the impacts on the UK’s international trade investigates companies across the EU. The UK should expect that supply chains running through both regions could be disrupted severely (Latorre et al., 2019).


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