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To Investigate the Importance of Effective Management on the Mini Grocery Stores in KSA: Case of Dukan


The notion of management refers to activities utilised for the development of tactical strategies in an organisation and directing the employees to achieve the firm’s objectives through the use of available resources such as technology, finance, and human resource. The main activities of the management include planning, organising, directing, and controlling.

The importance of management in the modern business world is its contribution towards achieving goals, effective usage of the resources, providing vision and foresight to the staff, motivating employees, and achieving growth in the organisation. Effective management is highly needed in the mini grocery stores as its strategies contribute to increasing customer loyalty, improving profit margin, organizing shops, and using the latest technology.

Research Problem

The research problem identified is that many of the mini grocery stores operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have poor management. The mini grocery stores of Saudi Arabia have poor inventory management, lack of open space, poor environment, older hardware, demotivated employees, and inefficiencies.

The older technology has resulted in causing payroll errors, long waiting queues in checkout counters, and poor management of inventories. This has led to low revenues, inefficiency, and poor customer support, and disorganizing, resulting in losing its valuable customers (Kalyanam, Lal, and Wolfram, 2010).

Moreover, the competition level has been significantly rising as many new grocery stores have been establishing in the country, and the supermarkets have significantly hurt the grocery store’s profit margin. Therefore, the study was mainly conducted to determine the importance of management on the mini-grocery stores and how it would contribute to its improvement and innovation that would enable them to compete with the other grocery stores and supermarkets.

Research Aims and Objective

The study’s main aim is to investigate the importance of effective management on the mini grocery stores established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main aim had been broken down into several objectives that enabled the researcher to gain a clear direction for the study. The following are objectives that had been developed for the study:

  • To understand the significance of management strategies for improving the operations and profitability of an organisation.
  • To determine the challenges faced by the mini-grocery stores in KSA in terms of management and operations.
  • To provide a recommendation to the Dukan mini-grocery store to improve its management, improving its income and efficiency.

The rationale of the research

The reason for conducting the research is that many of the mini-grocery stores in KSA have been performing poorly due to a lack of management. According to Ghosh, Tripathi, and Kumar (2010), the preferences and expectations of customers in grocery shopping have been significantly changing as many of the customers prefer to shop in that store with wide-open space and attractive ambiance, proper shelves, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Many of the mini-grocery stores in Saudi Arabia lacks these particular features that result in causing a reduction in their profits and losing their valuable customers. Moreover, the mini grocery stores in KSA had been faced with low income, inefficiency, expired products, manual old sales systems, and unorganized. Therefore, the study aims to bring improvements to the mini-grocery stores through its management that would improve its income level, improve efficiency, and implement new sales systems and improve its organizing.

Significance of the Research

The significance of the study is that it would encourage the owners of the mini-grocery stores, especially the grocery chain Dukan that is established in Saudi Arabia, to improve its management. The level of competition is rising in Saudi Arabia due to the opening of many supermarkets that had overall led to a reduction of income and profits. The study would also determine effective management strategies that would enable the mini-grocery stores to compete with the other retail companies and improve their income and operations.

Literature Review

According to the study of Waal, Nierop, and Sloot (2017), the competition among the mini grocery stores has been significantly rising as many supermarkets are being developed in the market that had caused a decline in the mini grocery stores revenue.

For competing in the market, the mini grocery stores must have effective management to build customer loyalty and improve the profit margin. The study indicated that many grocery stores have not been paying much attention to management, resulting in low-quality management, poor communication, employee turnover, low revenues, and poor performance.

Therefore, it is imperative to have effective management that would contribute to improving employee quality, continuous improvement and renewing the management, and building long-term commitment with the customers.

Based on the study of Alam et al. (2014), customers preferences regarding grocery shopping from the mini grocery stores in Saudi Arabia has been significantly changing as customers prefer to shop at the groceries stores where they can obtain all the necessary items, purchase products on low price, convenient location, high-quality products, excellent management of inventories, open space planning and short checkout lines.

According to the study of Kalyanam, Lal, and Wolfram (2010), technology has been significantly influencing the retail grocery stores as it brings improvement to the management. The technologies such as self-checkout and RFID adopted by the grocery retail companies led to providing excellent customer experience and enhancing their satisfaction.

Moreover, the study of Akkerman, Farahani, and Grunow (2010) has indicated that the management of food distribution networks is important for grocery stores in terms of quality, health, and safety. For managing proper food control, it is critical to have proper temperature control that improves the product safety and avoids harmful bacteria.

Proposed Methodology

The research methodology is an important part of the research that determines the methods and techniques for conducting the study and the justification. To carry out the study, the data would be collected through primary methods in which interviews and questionnaire surveys will be conducted.

The interview will be conducted with the managers of the mini-grocery stores to determine the challenges that stores in its management face. The questionnaire survey will be conducted with the customers of the mini-grocery stores to determine the importance of management.

Therefore, the research design identified for the study is mixed in which both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. For data analysis, the researcher will utilise the thematic analysis for qualitative data inference and SPSS software for quantitative data comprehension.


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