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The Impact of Brexit on the Technology Sector of Multinational Firms (MNEs): A Case Study of Vodafone UK


The research will aim to understand the influence of Brexit on the technology sector in favour of multinational firms in the UK. According to Sutherland (2017), the UK’s digital economy is currently influenced by Brexit as the economy is increasing at twice the rate of the broader economy. Furthermore, the economy is estimated at £97 billion per annum for the UK’s entire economy.

However, Britain’s referendum and the decision to leave the European Union significantly influenced the country’s political and economic landscape. The technology sector of Britain is considered proportionally the largest sector of the country within the G20 that is focused on meaningful changes associated with Brexit.

According to McCullagh (2017), most UK technology firms wanted to be part of the European Union. They thought that they had to adjust the company policies and rules according to the post-Brexit governance. Moreover, the Brexit changes will immediately influence privacy, data, telecoms, and fintech. The following areas are likely to be heavily influenced by the changes in regulations and, therefore, are most likely to be affected by the rewriting and scrapping of the rules.

In addition to the influences on Brexit, the transfers for personal data from the European Union to the UK will be enabled if the transfers provide adequate safeguards for protecting the UK’s data. However, the tech companies’ managers have suggested achieving the adequacy standards for operating in the UK to obtain the adequacy decision from the European Commission. Considering the discussion above, the research will consider these factors to analyse the influence of Brexit on the technology sector concerning Vodafone in the UK.

Aims and Objectives

The study’s main aim will be to comprehend the influence of Brexit on the technology sector of the UK concerning multinational firms. For this purpose, the researcher has selected Vodafone Company as the case study, the leading company in the UK’s technology sector. Following are the objectives of the study, which will be achieved in the entire dissertation,

  • To understand the importance of Brexit in the UK.
  • To study the challenges underlying the technology sector of the UK post-Brexit.
  • To critically evaluate the influence of Brexit on the technology sector of multinational firms from the case study of Vodafone.
  • To suggest strategies to Vodafone to overcome the challenges related to Brexit in the UK.

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The research methodology is regarded as a significant and most crucial part of the research because it helps the researcher set the direction of the research to achieve the aim and objectives of the dissertation. Considering the following study, the research will be selecting qualitative nature of research as the influence of Brexit on the technology sector of the UK has to be examined from Vodafone’s perspective in the UK.

For this purpose, the researcher will be collecting primary data from the managers of Vodafone, who will highlight the company’s challenges concerning Brexit and the strategies as to how they will counter those challenges in the future. Furthermore, semi-structured interviews will be collected by the managers of Vodafone, and 8-10 managers will be selected depending on the researcher’s convenience.

The secondary data will also be collected to assess the facts and figures related to Brexit and its influence on the technology sector of the UK to carry out the literature review of the study. The data will be analyzed through the thematic analysis technique for the interviews. In this type of data analysis, the researcher will formulate themes that will be codified according to the study’s participants’ responses. However, it will be ensured by the researcher to keep the personal information of the participants secured and protected.


McCullagh, K., 2017. Brexit: potential trade and data implications for digital and ‘f in tech industries. International Data Privacy Law7(1), pp.3-21.

Sutherland, E., 2017. The implications of Brexit for the governance of telecommunications markets in the United Kingdom. Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance19(1), pp.2-20.

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