The Challenges for Introducing Sustainability in Managing Project, Program and Portfolio

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Type of Academic Paper – Outline/Plan

Academic Subject – Sustainability in Managing Project

Word Count – 279 words

Problem Statement

Sustainability issues have emerged as the major concerns for managing projects in today’s challenging environment. Though the challenges while managing the individual projects have also been deemed a concerning issue, the challenges of managing the project, program, and portfolio are distinct.

Notably, companies are now focused on initiating projects, programs and portfolios to achieve optimal and sustainable use of shared resources and information.

Nonetheless, this sustainability is dependent on certain factors. Moreover, these factors are also responsible for either elevating or mitigating the challenges associated while managing projects in a multi-environment.

Aim and Objectives

The study aims to evaluate the challenges associated with implementing sustainable project management and the factors that contribute to its successful implementation. The objectives, in this case, are as follows:

  • To explore the factors based on five dimensions (organisational learning, corporate policies, resource management, project life cycle and stakeholder management) that excel sustainability in project management.
  • To evaluate the challenges and associated risks that project managers encounter in the implementation of sustainable project management in organisations
  • To comprehend and evaluate the extended role of PMO in bringing sustainability in project management managed in a multi-project environment.
  • To propose solutions to increase the probability of success in the sustainable project management’s implementation


  • Mixed research design
  • Primary data collection method (Survey and interviews)
  • Data Analysis technique: Factor analysis, regression, and correlation for quantitative assessment and thematic analysis (for qualitative analysis of interviews)


Martens, M.L. and Carvalho, M.M., 2016. The challenge of introducing sustainability into project management function: multiple-case studies. Journal of Cleaner Production117, pp.29-40.

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