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An essay is a focused piece of academic writing that requires a lot of time, thinking, and effort.

Even though it is a creative process, specific rules must be followed. Correct grammar, punctuation, structure, and coherence are some of these rules.

Throughout all your courses, you will be required to write numerous essays. Thus, you should be able to structure essays in a coherent, concise, and transparent way.

We have published several essay samples on our website to help you understand the fundamentals of crafting a perfect essay.

Check these samples and note that none have any headings or sub-headings as they follow the standard five-paragraph essay structure.

Because your essay will not contain any headings or sub-headings, you should start every paragraph with a topic sentence. It is the very first line of your paragraph that introduces the topic of your paragraph.

The topic sentence gives readers an idea of what you will talk about in the paragraph. Each topic sentence should be clear, specific, and to the point.

Essays are shorter in length than dissertations; thus, your essay’s content should be focused and concise. Sometimes, your essay’s topic could be descriptive, but you still have a word limit to abide by. It means that you will need to learn to summarise information.

When you look at the essay examples on our website, you will comprehend how coherence helps complete an essay in the given word count. One tip that we have for all students is to proofread your work before submission. When you write an essay, proofread the content to fix grammatical and factual errors and remove irrelevant text.

Do not forget to cite the academic sources from where you have obtained the data. The references section can be neglected easily, but it is the most critical part of an essay. Follow the correct formatting style to avoid any surprises. There are various essay types. Make sure to format your essay according to the style specified in your rubric.

Not sure how to structure your essay? Or have a complicated essay topic to work on? Our qualified writers are here to help. Get in touch with us, and we will guide you through the essay writing process.