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Benefits and Challenges Associated with having so many Visuals Available to us Today

Today, visual communication is everywhere, from environmental contexts like retail displays and road signs to electronic media such as television screens and Web pages. Martin (1996) pointed out that Western civilization is more dependent on visual artifacts, visual communication, and visual culture to develop the cultural and social identity and as a mode of discourse.

This is an interesting observation to note, but what is more intriguing is that research shows photographs form the most important part of today’s visual.

The benefit of having many visuals is unbelievable. Because of having so many visuals, it has become easier to link up and communicates with people worldwide.

An increasing body of literature shows that people are not only communicating more virtually than ever, they are also communicating better when they do it visually. People are increasingly embracing the use of visuals rather than words to communicate with their friends and peers.

Research shows that communication with the visual component is far more effective than that which lacks the visual component (Ryan, 2012). People are using photographs and other visual media than ever before. To communicate, people use new resources and technologies, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, motion pictures, Google Images, and Flick.

These technology types make it possible to communicate without words and expand communication by allowing communication to occur between people who are far apart from each other. Having access to many visuals helps in furthering education (Walker, 2005).

These visuals also present some challenges. Having so many visuals presents copyright problems. Copyright issues come in when there are many visuals. An individual cannot just use any photograph for their benefit without seeking copyright permission. Copyrights exist to help the patent owners to benefit from the visual or photographs.

Sometimes visuals can result in miscommunication, especially where the message becomes misinterpreted. Visuals may also be misleading.

This may happen in cases where the interpreter does not comprehend the message. Some explicit content is displayed on websites harmful to viewers and children, yet they exist for viewers and children to browse.

Sometimes, photographs do not serve good to celebrities. Some paparazzi and agencies obtain celebrities’ photographs without considering their privacy, selling them, or exposing them to the website. This is unethical and humiliating on the part of celebrities. Photographs can contain contents that cause fear and interfere with religious practices.

Some of these photographs get published, yet they have controversial messages. On the one hand, challenges associated with visuals can be beneficial, while on the other hand, they can hurt. By not seeing the copyright symbol does not mean copyrights do not protect the visual.

One needs to have legal permission to email any published visual, post new photocopies, and post a report online or articles (Walker, 2005). The only things that copyrights do not protect are our ideas, data, and facts. There is the act referred to as fair use.

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