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This report mainly concerns the intervention of E-health in current healthcare conditions, specifically diabetes. We have the effort to create awareness and promote extensive knowledge concerning technology usage in managing and treating diabetes. The title of the report is ‘Intervention of E-health on diabetes.’

General Objective:

The objective is to promote strength and decrease the burden on the National Health care system by analyzing the role of E-health, its accountability, and intervention. Moreover, our objective also includes generating attention and investment towards E-health and promoting the UK health system worldwide.

Specific Objectives:

1)To propose how E-health can be introduced.

2)To acknowledge how e-health can benefit the people, society, and the National health system.

3)To discuss any drawbacks or problems concerning e-health.

Statement of the Problems:

Acknowledging the pros and cons of implementing technology in the vast field of medicine concerning diabetes.

Scope and delimitation:

This is limited among the people who know how to use technology and young individuals, specific respondents, or specific organizations as one of the factors might be that older patients might have difficulty using technologies.


This report is based upon studies done by the researchers, analyzing the current usage, advantage, and disadvantage of technology usage in this regard through a questionnaire, data collection from respondents, sampling, and statistical application.


E-health is an evolving subfield of medical informatics that uses the internet and well-developed technologies to treat, manage, and prevent healthcare diseases and problems (G. Eysenbach, 2001). Numerous diabetes concerning apps can be used on mobile phones, which help diabetic patients adjust medical doses, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and monitor glucose levels (G.A. Fleming, 2020). According to recent studies, using e-health for about 12 months has resulted in a significant lowering of blood glucose levels compared to usual health care and treatment (K. Harno et al. J. Telemed Telecare, 2006). The outdated healthcare approaches involve expensive practices. At the same time, e-health technologies enable rapid insulin delivery, and continuous glucose monitoring opportunities, which decrease costs, and time burden and provide convenience to patients worldwide (D. Kerr, F. king, D.C. Klonoff, 2019).

In the UK, Cellnovo and uMotif are the most valuable companies in this field. They help the patients self-monitor their conditions, improve communication with the doctors, and reduce the burden on healthcare systems. Moreover, these services provide information regarding all related and appropriate diabetes-associated sources instead of a single source which helps the general population to have a record for emergency and self-management opportunities for their health condition (S.G. Cunningham, M. Brillante, B. Allardice, 2019)

The challenges faced by using technology might include insufficient evidence for the accuracy of the apps, technical faults, inadequate security for data, and underprivileged or older patients’ inability to use the apps (G.A. Fleming, 2020). Therefore, these may require higher healthcare professionals, authorities, and policymakers to ensure these apps follow standardization. Moreover, engaging a telecommunicator might be a big problem.

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