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Help With Writing Research Paper – Why and How

Published by at January 27th, 2023 , Revised On October 10, 2023

Writing a research paper is an extremely challenging task that requires days of investigation, exploration, and research. If this is the first time you are going to write a research paper then there are several factors that you will need to take into account.

The first step towards improving your research paper writing skills is to accept that you need a helping hand. Research papers are required to be produced by postgraduate and Ph.D. as part of their academic courses and therefore it is absolutely crucial to learn the tricks of the trade to get the desired grade.

Writing a research paper demands not only the need to follow the instructions handed over by your supervisor but also becoming more familiar with different parts of a research paper such as the IntroductionLiterature ReviewMethodologyResults & Discussion, and Conclusion

Title Page

Many students do not understand the importance of having a well organised and attractive title page for their research paper. The cover page or the title page is the first part that your supervisor will see as you submit your research paper.

The following information needs to be included on the title page:

  •  Module Name
  •  Module Code (If applicable)
  •  Student Name
  •  Date of Submission (Deadline)
  •  Name of your Supervisor
  •  University Logo
  • Information regarding your College/University

In some cases, you may be required to have specific information on the title page and therefore it is recommended to take note of all the requirements and instructions provided by your supervisor.

Although the title page is the first part of your research paper, you can leave this until you have completed more important parts.


The introduction section of the research paper is where the researcher presents a broader idea of the problem that needs to be addressed. Under this chapter, you will be required to outline the reasons that convinced you to choose a particular topic.

A short summary of your research, as well as likely solutions to the problem, should be included in this chapter. Remember that the Introduction section should describe the purpose of the research along with key aim and objectives in bullet point format.

Literature Review

When it comes to writing the Literature Review part of the research paper, it may be necessary to get help from an expert research paper writer. The selection of literature that is relevant to your topic is the key to success.

It is suggested to have a research paper helper to help you find the most relevant books, journals, articles and other helping material.

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Under the methodology section, you describe your scientific data collection methods and therefore this part is considered as the core of your paper.  The purpose of this section is to answer two key questions:

  • What was the method you used to obtain the data?
  • How did you analyse the results/findings?

It is recommended to write this section precisely and in the past tense. A good approach is to provide detailed information about the methods you employed so that other researchers could carry out a similar study and compare their results with your paper.

The methodology section of your research paper should not be stuffed with irrelevant information as it is expected to justify your choice of using a particular procedure or method.

You must provide sufficient information to the readers to help them discover whether the data collection process is valid for this field of study or not. Depending on the topic of your research paper, you may also be required to include calculations or computations in this portion.

You may want help to analyse the data/information after once you have the results. A common example of data analysis is the use of SWOT Analysis theory to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to a business.

Engineering students are required to use various data analysis software such as ASPEN HYSYS, Etabs, BIM, OCTAGON, AUTOCAD, ANSYS, etc to analyse the data and generate results.

Some students go into a panic when they attempt to interpret the results particularly if they have no prior experience of analysis and discussing the findings. Help me write my research paper is what they shout out loud at this testing stage of their career.

Depending on the requirements of your research field, you can choose to go for either qualitative or quantitative data analysis. The use of tables, graphs, charts, relevant images is highly recommended to make your research paper more visual. A good data analysis section will always give solutions to the research problem indicated in the earlier parts of the paper.


All research papers are required to have a discussion section where the results of the study are evaluated and discussed. The aim is to highlight how your research study may be of help to other researchers in the associated field or industry.

Under this section, you may also specify the possible improvements that can be made by the researchers who may wish to further investigate the problem your study intended to address.

If you are seeking help writing research paper parts then you must lookup for a reliable research paper help source without wasting any time.


Withdraw appropriate conclusions to put an end to the whole study. In this portion, the researcher is required to provide a summary of his/her thesis problem and briefly discuss the methodology, data analysis, and discussion sections.

If you require help with writing a research paper then you should consider working together with an expert from the start to the end. This post describes how you and a research paper helper can work together to solve the problem and produce a high-quality research paper.

Accept the fact that “I need help writing a research paper” and your life will become much easier from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To write a research paper, start with a clear thesis, conduct thorough research, organize your findings, create an outline, write, revise, and proofread for clarity and accuracy. Cite sources properly and follow your chosen style guide. Finally, don’t forget to format your paper correctly.

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